Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nail Art Challengez - Black and White Day 2 - Stamping

Hi all!

Can't believe its already Day 2 of the Black and White challenge hosted by Beauty Shoes Nails and Fun.

So Day 2 is Stamping. Terrified of this day as I am very very poor at stamping! 

Today I chose a messy stamp (CH16) from the Cheeky Vibrant collection - at least since I messed it up its not too far from what it should be! I enjoyed the practice even though I did have to have a few 'calming' moments away from my mani-table (the dining table!). I found it is easier (still hard) to stamp on shorter nails - these nubs have an upside :)

Don't forget to check out everyone elses manis!

Rachael xxx


  1. This looks great!

    Stamping just takes practice and perseverance - I used to be SO bad at it, but now I feel pretty confident with it (although it still does go wrong lol)

    1. thank you very much! I will definitely keep trying, it's just so frustrating when it goes wrong and I'm not a patient person haha :) x

  2. Hey Rachael!!! Haven't checked out your blog in awhile and I must say your nails are looking better and better and your photos look good too! :) Hehe, I think your nail art is improving too x

    1. aww hun, thank you so much :) Is your computer near fixed now? Missing reading about your nails! xx


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