Saturday, 28 September 2013

Beauty UK Posh Polish Gel FX - Swatches and Review

**Products in this post were provided for an honest review**

Good morning everyone! I have the latest range of polishes from BeautyUK to share with you today. I am always happy to share more British brands and this is no exception!

There are six new shades in the brand new Gel FX collection - all gorgeous for the coming autumn and winter months. 

The colours are:

Midnight Iris, Crimson Rose, Himalayan Blue, Poppy Red, Pink Orchid and Café Cosmos.

They are all 9ml and will cost £3.49 each, available at Superdrug from this weekend - keep your eye out for them!

Here is a what BeautyUK say about them:

The silky and ultra-smooth, high coverage formula combined with the vivid shades makes this latest addition to the popular posh polish collection a must have item. Available in six on-trend catwalk colours, new GEL-FX not only provides a high gloss finish it also uses a plumping agent to make the nail appear fuller. Get your hands on the collection in 6 exotic-flower inspired shades.

Midnight Iris - an intense and mysterious dark inky blue.
Crimson Rose - a deep dark velvet red with hits of burgundy.
Pink Orchid - the essence of pink rich with berry coloured undertones.
Blue Himalayan - colour of the ocean with the waves of intense electric blue.
Cafe Cosmos - cushioned by the colour of the clouds in the grey winter sky.
Poppy Red - vibrant red exploding with festive spirit.

Onto the swatches! All swatches are WITHOUT topcoat to show you the finish of these polishes. I have used a base of OPI Nail Envy and two coats of each polish unless otherwise stated. I have altered colour settings on some photos to give you the most colour accurate photos I can.

(with flash - this is how it looks up close)

The first one I have to show you is Crimson Rose - one of my surprise favourites. In the bottle, this looks deceptively browner than it turns out on the nail. It is a vampy brown/red that looks almost black in certain lights and something I would normally avoid if I was out browsing for a new polish.

 (natural light)

(In shade)

The bottles are nice. A good size and at a good value price, so I was unsure of what the formula would be like. It is surprisingly nice - slightly thinner than the Gelly range by Barry M, but with just as much pigment and good coverage. This colour in particular is much redder with one coat, and levels out browner more burgundy with the second. It  It dries to a beautiful glossy finish as you can see. I was truly surprised at how much I liked this one. Be careful when you take it off, as I rubbed the wrong way and it stained my cuticles. No stainage on my nails though which is the main thing.

The second I have is the nude - Café Cosmos. A gorgeous light cream/beige creme that covered perfectly in just one coat. I have shortish nails, so this might not be the case for longer ones but it was perfect for me. Again, the formula was excellent - no streaks, levelled beautifully and dried in good time to a lovely shiny finish. Couldn't fault this one.

(both in natural light)

The next - the pink. There's always a pink. This is Pink Orchid. I am not a big pink fan, but its always good to have one as a back up, and this is one I'd recommend. Good formula like the others, full coverage in first coat, but I did use two here to level it out. Beautifully glossy and easy to apply.

(both natural light)


The next - Midnight Iris. An inky, dark navy blue. This was a slightly thinner formula than the other five, but it was still super pigmented and covered fine. This was like Crimson Rose - so difficult to photograph as in certain lights it is almost black. Really nice work polish I think, but has endless possibilities with some nail art for a nice occasion.

(natural light)

(natural light)

This is Red Poppy - a totally different formula to the rest. This is what I refer to as 'tart red' - the best kind. Beautifully bright, slightly orange leaning but unlike the others as it is a true jelly. It doesnt fully cover the nail line  as you can see, so you might decide on a third coat - but I like it just as it is. It dries just as beautifully glossy as the rest as you can see.

 (both natural light)

And last, but definitely not least - Himalayan Blue. I own a ton of blues, but this is a new shade in my collection - what I would call a cornflower blue. Again, lovely formula and a glossy finish. Not what I would choose first for the time of year, but one can always find time for a nice injection of colour!

(natural light)

I wore this last colour for a full day and night - I would advise using a topcoat. It does stay glossy, however it doesnt hold up too well to wear and you could see a lot of dints (not much wear on the tips though which is good) so I would recommend a topcoat just to protect your mani for longer. 

Overall thoughts - I am so impressed with these. I will be holding out in hope that eventually the collection will get bigger and there will be more colours available. But the colours they have released are on the whole nice wintery colours that will get plenty of use with the odd less seasonal colour for whenever I need a colour pick me up! They have picked a nice selection too, so if you're picky about your colours there will at hopefully be at least one that piques your interest. Favourites? Definitely Crimson Rose and Himalayan Blue, but Poppy Red is close behind!

What do you think? Will you be grabbing any of these? Are you a fan of Gel effect polishes? What do you think of the price? 

Rachael xxx

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Pokémon NAC Week 8 - Electric

Hello again!

Another pokémon mani today - this time my favourite electric pokémon and first choice every time for the game. Ampharos!

 I always pick up a low level Mareep as soon as I can find one, then I raise it to evolve to Flaaffy and finally to Ampharos. I am mega excited about the new version of Ampharos coming in X and Y - only 2 and a bit weeks to go and ITS ALL MINE!!!

I see a sick day coming... only joking! 

So anyway, here are today's nails:

Base - Sinful Colors Black to Black with 1 coat of Green Ocean
Freehanded Ampharos on my ring finger and lightning on my middle.

What do you think? I had one of those days where I took 100 photos and they all looked the same when I came to edit them.. so I managed to cut down to 1. LOL - sorry!

Rachael xxx

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pokémon NAC Week 7 - Poison

Hey all!

Yaaaaaaay another installment of my favourite challenge - Pokémon (gotta paint em all :D)

Today is Poison, which I proper groaned at. I hate poison attacks, theyre so annoying. I'm a hit them and bash them hard, very little strategy type player, unless its against a friend, then of course I am full of strategy. But poison is never something I go for, I'm a lover of the Ghost move Curse and then I tend to revert to hitting them with everything I have and reviving constantly haha!

There are only 3 new poison pokemon in Gen 2, so I went for the one I actually used in game. The first time round I played, I started late at night and picked up a low level Spinarak. They're actually pretty cute I think for a bug / poison pokemon and especially for a spider. I played with him for at least 2 or maybe even 3 gyms, so thats a long time for a bug pokemon which are pretty much weak and rubbish for fighting with.

My nails are a base of Deborah Lippmann - Wicked Game, with some freehanded spiders webs and of course my freehanded Spinarak.

What do you think? I wasnt sure at first, but I quite like the duochrome background for these :)

Rachael xxx

Monday, 23 September 2013

Swatched: Sinful Colors Green Ocean

Hello all! 

I just have a simple swatch for you today, but it is a beautiful one.

I managed to get my mitts on Sinful Colors Green Ocean. A beautiful green/blue flakie polish with a handful of triangular holo shards thrown in for good luck. I think (dont quote me) that it was released around St Patricks Day this year. I havent seen it anywhere in the UK, but we were flooded with swatches of it, giveaways of it.. but I never managed to get hold of it until now. And it was only £1! Bargain! :D

So here it is over black - I truly love it and can't stop looking at my nails. I have actually used it for a base for a challenge, so keep reading over the next few days to see what I did with it!

What do you think? Were you lucky enough to pick one of these up somewhere? 

Rachael xxx

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Blog Your Heart Out Award

Hey all!

Jade was wonderful enough to nominate me for this, so the very least I can do is post my answers and nominate a few more of you! Thanks Jade!

First of all, here are my nominations:

1. Kittys Painted Claws (my best friend in RL and the polish world)
2. Nail Lacquer UK (another 'Nailie' friend)
3. Nails and Colour (one of my first followers and first for me to follow and whose small blog Is one of the first I check)
4. Pokenailart (One of my favourite bloggers who indulges in my favourite nail art - Pokemon!)
5. Painting Nails and Baking Scales (my go to for new polish news and beautiful nails!)
and an extra, cause I couldnt narrow to 5:
6. The Nail Snail - one of my latest fave reads.

And the five questions:

1. What/who encouraged you to start blogging?
I stumbled across KBShimmer's latest collection (Jack and Quantum Leaf) and fell head first into the world of nail bloggers. It took me a lot of thought and consideration and about a week later I had a blogger account and some frankly awful pictures uploaded of my first polishes!

2. How did you choose what topic(s) to blog about?
I blog about whatever I want. I know followers are important but I blog mainly because I enjoy it rather than because my followers will. I appreciate every last one of my followers of course and i hope they choose to follow me because they like my little ramblings!

3. What is something that most people don't know about you?
I am a lover of Final Fantasy games and a Narutard.

4. What three words describe your style?
Geek, late, unfashionable. 

5. What do you like to do when you are not blogging?
Reading, watching films or tv (Robin Hood is my flavour of the week!) and i dont like to do it but I work alot. Unfortunately, I love eating too and I do far too much of that for fun! Blogging is my main source of fun and I share my love of all things nails with my BFF Becca from Kittys Painted Claws.

If you havent gotten this award yet, then I'd love to read a little about you!

Rachael xxx

Swatched: Taras Talons - The Best Things in Life are Polishes!

Hey all! Got another one of my TT beauties today to share - nabbed this awhile back as I love circle glitters, and I am pleasantly surprised which how much I love this!

The Best Things in Life are Polishes (TBTINAP) is a very pale mint-leaning off white crelly with a fine sprinkling of small gold circle glitters and large blue/teal holo circles. I impulse bought this for the circles, without thinking about whether the colour would suit me, but as it isnt stark white, I really like how it looks.

It is very thin in consistency, and this was 4 coats to build full opacity. Because of the small amount of glitters in the polish, I think it would be best as a topper to make sure every mani gets a fair share of glitters. I did have to fish for the circles but it wasnt a massive effort, I just wanted big circle glitters on every nail (have to be even!).

This had a beautifully soft look to it - I had loads of compliments while I wore it for work.

What do you think? Is it something you would consider buying? Are you a lover or a non lover of circle glitters and/or crelly polishes? 

Rachael xxx

Saturday, 21 September 2013

ER31DC Day 24 - Inspired by a Book

Good morning!

Got another episode of the 31DC for you today - I'm getting there! Today's is inspired by a book. I recently finished book 3 and 4 of the Rachel Mariana Morgan / The Hollows series by Kim Harrison.

If you haven't read any of these books, then check out the first one here:

I really love all the characters, but I instantly thought 'this is what I'm doing for the 31DC' when I first read about Ivy and her cross necklace. She always dresses in black leather (hence the black matted nails) and I dotted and freehanded my imagined version of her cross necklace onto my accent nail.

What do you think? I'm still not a fan of matte.. maybe in time it may grow on me!

Rachael xxx

Friday, 20 September 2013

Swatched: Julep - Jodie

Hey all!

Couldnt resist picking this one up. My wonderful step sister is called Jodie, so when I caught this in a blog sale that could make it to the UK, I just had to have it. It has sat, well guarded but untried for around 6 months, but that has worked pretty well as its a beautiful autumn colour!

I also decided to pair this up with my new OPI Man with a Golden Gun, which I snagged from one of the nail sale groups on Facebook. What do you think?

Rachael xxx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

ER31DC Day 23 - Inspired by a Movie

Hello all!

First of all, I want to say sorry for being absent a fair bit this week. Work is hectic and I am so busy teaching myself everything before I can teach it to my kids. So I have some nails done, but havent had the chance to crop, watermark and write posts for them all yet!

Here is one though - my movie nails. I already did some Stargate ones before, so I went for one of the best movies I have seen this year, and one that has seen a lot of nail art love already - Despicable Me 2! Minion nails!

Hope you enjoy them!

Rachael xxx

Friday, 13 September 2013

Swatched - A-England St George

Good morning!

I have my 2nd A-England purchase today. I picked up this beauty and Dragon when A-England had their £6 sale.

I have to say, I love this even more than Dragon. You will have to pry this from my dead hands! 

Again, pigmented but a much richer colour with 2 coats. This is Nail Envy base, 2 coats of St George and 1 coat of SV.

What do you think? Did you pick up any lovelies in the A-England sale??

Rachael xxx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Swatched - Cadillacquer We'll Meet Again

Hellooooo :)

Another swatch post for you today - trying to use up some of my untrieds. I picked up this beauty as part of a trio from The Nail Arcade pop up shop. 

This was the polish I picked up just because it was part of the set, not because I really wanted it. So of course I was over the moon when I popped it onto my nails and saw how beautiful it was!

This is 2 coats of We'll Meet Again with my usual  Nail Envy basecoat and SV topcoat combo. Its a beautiful soft raspberry pink with a sprinkling of small red circle glitters and holo microglitter. It applies really sheer in the first coat but goes opaque with the second. It levels beautifully and is just stunning. I've worn this all week for work and I just feel very feminine but not overly girly! Love it!

What do you think? Do you own any Cadillacquers? Want any? Which is your favourite? 

Rachael xxx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Swatched - A-England Dragon

Good morning!

Just a quick swatch today - I used these a few days ago for my Chikorita nails and they are so beautiful they deserve their own post.

This is A-England Dragon - perfectly pigmented for 1 coat coverage, shown with a coat of topcoat. I'm in love! So pretty!

What do you think?

Rachael xxx

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

ER31DC - Inspired by a Song

Hey all!

Another installment of the 31DC today - Inspired by a Song. 

The song I chose was Shinedown - Miracle. This is the song that my partner and I are having as our first dance. We chose it for the words and how we feel about each other, so I thought I would do some bridal style nails.

These come from 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'. My nails have the blue element and also the old lace.. sort of.

I used 2 coats of Cadillacquer - Morning Comes as my base. This is a stunning periwinkle blue base with various blue / lilac glitters. Its so beautiful! I then freehanded and dotted a lace corner design over the top.

What do you think? Not sure this is refined enough for my wedding, but I do love the blue base, but think I would change the overall design.

Don't forget to check out everyone else's song inspired nails!

Rachael xxx

Monday, 9 September 2013

Pokémon NAC Week 6 - Grass - Chikorita

Good morning!

Got some more Pokémon nail art for you today! Still trying to best my Chinchou nails, but not sure I'm there quite yet. 

I chose Chikorita cause its definitely the cutest starter from Gen 2. I always want to collect all 3 starters, but I normally choose Cyndaquil or Chikorita to start as Totodile is just annoying in the anime and my dislike has kind of stuck! I also love Chikorita in the anime as she adores Ash and is dead jealous of Pikachu and any other pokémon's relationship.

I used my new A-England's Dragon and St George and tried a gradiented base. Semi successful I think?

Chikorita kept going derpy, so this is attempt 2. I couldnt get the eyes quite right! I realised after I took the mani off that they didnt photo quite right either, but I was still pretty pleased with them anyway.

What do you think? Do you think it looks right? 

Also, check out all the other cute pokenails this week!

Rachael xxx

Sunday, 8 September 2013

ER31DC - Day 21 Inspired by a Colour (Nail Lacquer Heart or Love review)

Day 21 - Inspired by a colour time!

I was not inspired by this at all, so asked Becca from Kittys Painted Claws to suggest something, anything for me. She then delegated the choice to her other half.. who not knowing me so well.. chose PURPLE. ARGH!

My initial thoughts.. do I OWN any purple polish? So I had a little rummage about in my unorganised helmer drawers and discovered my little untried beauty from Megan at Nail Lacquer.

When she announced this was coming soon, I just had to have it. Megan was kind enough to give me one as a present, before it was released for sale. How lovely is that?

Heart or Love is a beautiful glitter topper packed full of circle glitter. Heaven. I LOVE CIRCLE GLITTER!

Not my usual colour combination - theres some purple in there, along with pink and blue.. but omg I love it so much! Here I have it layered over Sinful Colors Black on Black. Didn't want to take it off! Perfect going out / special occasion mani! Application was great, lots of glitter and the circles came out fairly easily. It levelled nicely and dried in good time. The circles laid flat to the nail with no curling. Can't fault it!

Don't forget to check out everyone else's mani's for this week!

Rachael xxx
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