Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Love the basics - Zoya Raven

Hi all!

I've been sat today preparing a couple of manis for a new challenge I'm starting next week, when I realised how much I ADORE this polish.

I was very lucky to pick it up when Zoya had a promotion on, and a very kind friend let me have it posted to him, then he sent it across the water for me. So I am really not looking forward to the day this runs out, and I do keep swapping between it and my trusty Sinful Colors.

I always forget how much I love black manicures. I always think oh it'll wash my hands out, look too gothic for me and make me look pale. But it doesn't. It looks classic, timeless, elegant.. I could go on. I really love Zoya Raven for this because of its formula and finish. It dries glossy, has a beautifully smooth formula, and is a definite 1 coater with careful application.  I can't capture it on my camera but it also has a very very fine, faint charcoal grey shimmer to it. It also dries speedily, but not so fast that you have to rush your nails. Perfect. It is also a staple colour for pretty much all manicures - I hardly ever don't have a black element somewhere in the mix.

So what do you think - are you a black mani fan? Have you tried Zoya Raven or do you have a different favourite black polish? 

Rachael xxx

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