Monday, 15 July 2013

Nail Art Challengez - Comic-Con Geek Week Day 1 - Inspired by books or video games

Eeeee, so excited for this short mini challenge - 5 days of pure unadulterated geekery!

This is kindly hosted by Kelly at Peace Love Lacquer - thank you so much Kelly! 

So first day is inspired by a book, but was later decided this could be a video game too :) so I went for the latter. I read SO many books I really struggled with an idea for my nails but there are so many possibilities for games - hope I wasn't too obvious with this choice!

Yay! Sonic! This brings back soo many good memories from my childhood :) I spent many an hour on this game and I was still shockingly bad at it! Never mind! The above photo was when I first did them - camera battery was dead, so its a rubbish phone pic. The below are after a full days wear so I'm sorry theyre a bit scrappy!

The rings and the special ability tellys you had to jump on!

Aaand with Sonic! 

What was/is your favourite video game? I love Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Pokémon now, but loved Super Mario, Sonic and Spyro as a kid!

Don't forget to check out everyone else's manis for this! I know that Galactic Lacquer and Dipped in Lacquer have theirs up! :)

Here's who I'm pretty sure is participating!

Rachael xxx


  1. Pokemon and Spyro are my favourites! This is super awesome, great job!! XD

  2. This is so awesome!!! This sonic is so cool. I looove pokémon, I also like the sims a lot (way too much, and it's really time consuming) and mario of course! :)

  3. This manicure is amazing, your artwork is incredible! I'm a late sign up for the challenge, hope you get a chance to take a peek at my posts. Thanks for sharing! :-)


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