Thursday, 1 August 2013

Swatched - Zoya Mata Hari


I found a purple. I. Found. A. Purple. Okay, so its verging on not really being purple, its what I would call metallic cherry coloured. But its still a purple really. And I LOVE IT!

Picked this little beauty up in a blog sale over at Princessly Polished. Rochelle is selling off her mom's Zoya polishes and I FLEW in there and bought up a whole lot of them ha! I worked out the overall price and I picked them all up for between £4-5 each including the postage which is amazingly good value considering what they cost over here!

So anyway, onto the formula. Perfect one coater! I love shimmery, metallicy polishes for this reason - they just level really well and this one is well pigmented and the formula is just the right consistency. Lovely!

What do you think? I will definitely be wearing this more come Autumn / Fall, but I still love it now anyway!

Do you like the colour? Do you own any Zoya polishes? Which Zoya is your favourite? 

Rachael xxx

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  1. My goodness, what a polish and such a beautiful colour, such a sucker for reds, thank goodness its not super easy to stumble across Zoya's.

    My fav Zoya is Ivanka, quickly followed by Zusa, Crystal and Kimber

  2. I... I hate to break it to you but... it's not purple. I'm sorry!

    Blood red is still a good colour though. ;D

  3. well seen as you both think its red.. it must be red. I'm never going to ever find a purple I like. EVER! (thanks ;) *sob* hahaha)


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