Friday, 5 July 2013

Calling all Pokémon fans! Gen 2 challenge starting soon!

A quick sneak peek at something happening very soon - Pokemon Challenge Generation II!

Becca at Kittys Painted Claws is getting all of the links prepared so there'll be more info shortly, but the challenge will be starting weekly from July 19th for the main rounds.

If you want to join in, drop by the Pokemon Nail Challenge facebook group to hang out with the other Pokemon Nail Challengers until the rounds start! If you didn't do Gen 1, you can still join in and you can pick from any pokemon from 1 to 251!

Or if you just want to do the odd one, you are welcome to share your nails here or at Kittys Painted Claws I'm sure! I will be posting mine as always on Instagram aswell, so I think there should be a hashtag if you want to join in there! :) 

Hope to see some of you join in! Embrace your inner (or outer) geek / child! :) xxx

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