Monday, 11 August 2014

BNB Colour Me Crazy - Pink

Hey everyone!

I am going on holiday tomorrow for a week, so I thought it was a perfect time to do my pink nails!

Even though I am not a great fan of pink, I have 57 shades. It wows even me!

My favourite shades of pink are definitely neons, so I thought I would use my latest addition - China Glaze Pool Party as part of my manicure.

The other polishes I used were my trusty Models Own Hypergel - White Light, and Kate Spade for Nails Inc - New York Noir.

I freehanded the design on my middle and ring fingers over two coats of White Light using a nail art brush from Born Pretty Store. I have no idea how many coats of Pool Party I used - it is very streaky, but at least dries matte and very fast so it didnt really bother me that there were as many coats. Everything of course has a generous coat of Seche Vite on.. can't be dealing with nasty matte. Not for me!

Somehow I feel something is missing, so I may need to add some glitter somewhere before I fly tomorrow. Maybe its just how bad my freehand is.. but nevermind, they look okay from afar I think.

What do you think?

Rachael xxx

Saturday, 9 August 2014

BNB Colour Me Crazy - Blue


Here are my blue nails to bring me up to date. These are inspired by @sr_nails from instagram.

I had decided ages ago that I wanted to use my new OPI Blue Chips for this mani. I just didn't know what exactly I wanted to do with it. OPI Blue Chips is a renamed version of The Flowers are Blue-ming from the Katy Perry collection. Whatever the name, its really pretty and worth the £3.99 price tag I paid for it.

My thumb, pinky and pointer are 3 coats of OPI Blue Chips. My ring and middle fingers are two coats of Models Own Hypergel White Light, striped with Kate Spade for Nails Inc - New York Noir and the flowers are freehanded with the above black, white, blue and an added lighter shade of MoYou holographic blue polish. I didn't realise how hard zebra stripes are!

What do you think?

Rachael xxx

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BNB Colour Me Crazy - Green

Good afternoon!

I am super late with these, but after seeing the gorgeous nails by Anna Bean, I had an idea to do some of my own. Green is also my fave colour, so I didn't want to miss out doing these nails for the Colour Me Crazy challenge!

The base is 2 coats of Barry M - Key Lime, with one coat of Abuse the Ooze by Femme Fatale Cosmetics. This is one of my favourite brands and is particularly special as my other half specially went out and chose this colour for me.

I then used a design from MoYou London plate Artist 03 to stamp over and a generous coat of Seche Vite to smooth it out.

What do you think? Are you a green / glitter / stamping fan? 

Rachael xxx

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Mani Swap with Pocket Money Polishes

Hey all!

I am away all this week in the beautiful Glencoe in Scotland. But even though I am pretty much signal-less and internet-less, I have managed to get on at least this once to share my nails with you.

So we decided to pick one mani that we liked and recreate. Both of us prefer to be a little creative, so we decided to produce a mani that was loosely based on the others original.

I know that the lovely lady at PMP loves OPI, so I decided to create my own version of this mani below, using a new OPI I had just bought.

I didn't have an exact colour match, so I used the opportunity to use OPI Stir-fried Eggplant that I had just bought. This is one of the re-named NOPI colours I believe, but either way, its pretty beautiful especially for purple. It's less eggplanty on the nail to the bottle I think, but it has beautiful flecks that shine gold and pink in the light.

I also couldn't find a gold to match - I'm sure I own a gold glitter polish somewhere?? But my eyes fell on a Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art duo in one of my drawers. The brown it is paired with isnt anything amazing by itself, but the shard/flakie end is lovely, shining blue to green to gold. Its very thick though, so I just dabbed it onto my nails.

What do you think of the end result? I really like it, considering its purple.

Have you ever done any mani swaps before? Would you like to do one? I've really enjoyed this one so if you fancy doing one with me, let me know!

Check out what Charlie chose to recreate here!

Rachael xxx

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