Sunday, 8 June 2014

A-Z challenge - H is for Essie Hip-anema

Today I have for you one of my favourite colour families. Red / orange. I have terribly shrimpy pink toned skin, so many colours just look terrible on my hands. But I do love orange leaning reds, orange and coral. 

I actually spotted this on 'the barrow' a little makeup/nails stand in the Metro Centre. They often have OPI, Essie, Sally Hansen and many other brands at reduced prices. They're generally older collections, but if I like a colour, I really don't mind how old or new it is. This only cost me £2.99.

This is Essie Hip-anema, which I pronounced 'Hip-anenema' to Becca who promptly laughed her head off. It's a beautiful red/orange jelly, with the perfect brightness for summer which had complete coverage at 2 coats. As you can see, there is a slight VNL, but thats not something that bothers me. I was also quite surprised as Essie do not usually wear well for me.. but this wore really well and lasted 4 days before I got any tip wear, and another day before I got the tiniest of chips. 

What colour could you just not live without?

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Rach xxx

Saturday, 7 June 2014

A-Z Challenge - G is for China Glaze Glittering Garland

Hey all!

Another day of the A-Z challenge as I attempt to catch up - this is Glittering Garland. This was one of the very first polishes I bought in my fall into addiction.. and I still love it! I havent rated much that China Glaze has released recently, but I love this - the formula is beautifully smooth and pigmented - this is just one coat. Its also beautifully glossy - this is without topcoat.

Even though many people would probably wear this during the winter months or around Xmas time, I still love it and often wear it as a day to day colour or for work.

What do you think?

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Rach xxx

Friday, 6 June 2014

A-Z Challenge - F is for China Glaze For Audrey and PMP Fairest of All

Good morning!

I have two F polishes to show you today! The base is China Glaze For Audrey, and the beautiful silver and holographic shards are a topper by Pocket Money Polishes called Fairest of All.

I am lucky enough to get to paint my nails often at Becca's (Kittys Painted Claws) house, which means she gives me full choice from her helmer. She is very organised and has every single polish cataloged in a spreadsheet. I started to follow her example, but I gave up when  I expanded to a 2nd helmer,  I couldn't be bothered after around 20 polishes into the 1st helmer. 

So she looked up all her F polishes for me and as soon as I saw For Audrey I had to try it.. it's such a beautiful mint shade. But then I saw PMP.. I have so few PMP polishes (I came into the game late!) that I had to try one that was new to me. Most of my PMP polishes are part of the colabs that Charlie did with Tara from Taras Talons. Oh how I miss the colabs! 

Anyway, I digress... here is my mani!

Sparkly! <3

What do you think?

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Rach xxx

Thursday, 5 June 2014

A-Z Challenge - E is for Layla Emerald Divine

Hey all!

Today I have a beautiful holo for you - Layla Emerald Divine. What a beaut! However, it is an absolute pain in the backside to apply without an aqua base (which I do not have!) and so this was 3 extremely careful coats and 4 on my middle finger. It just refuses to stick, and any sudden movements and you remove a full nail! ARGH!

..But it was worth every painful application for this holo! Wow!

Anyone got any hints for applying tricky holos without an aqua base?

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Rach xxx

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A-Z Challenge - D is for Asda Denim

Good morning!

Today I have a gorgeous denim polish for you. It's an absolute steal - only £1.99 and available in Asda. Forget buying the expensive Ciaté original - this is just stunning. A one coater (maybe only for my short nails) with a lovely smooth formula and a rich navy colour that dries to look just like denim.

I know some people are way over denim look nails, but I still love them! Do you?

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Rach xxx

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A-Z Weekly Challenge - C is for Mentality Cyclone

Hey again! 

3 days in a row! WOW!

Well today is a little more complex - this is by far one of my favourite manis ever. The base is Mentality Cyclone, a lovely holographic pale purplish brown colour, depending on how the light hits it. The formula on this was excellent - one coater for my currently short claws.

I then took Mentality Monsoon and used this to stamp over with a floral MoYou XL image from their Pro 14 plate. The effect was pretty subtle but it was just perfect for a week at work, and lasted a whole 6 days before I had to remove it!

What do you think? 

Rach xxx

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Monday, 2 June 2014

A-Z Weekly Challenge - B is for Revlon Parfumeries 'Bordeaux'

Good morning all!

Today I just have some plain swatches of Bordeaux for you. This is from Revlons new line of Parfumerie polishes, which are all scented! This one has a beautifully rich grapey smell which is just perfect for a polish named after a wine!

The colour itself is nothing incredibly unique, but I do like it all the same. I don't have any dupes, and even if I did, I would keep this for its lovely smell, which stuck around for the whole two days that I wore it. I did look rather strange smelling my own fingers mind you!

Revlon Parfumerie polishes retail at £6.49 and there are currently 20 different fragranced colours available. You can currently get them from Boots and they have a save £2 offer, so they are only £4.49 each. Go check them out!

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What do you think of the Revlon Parfumerie range? Do they appeal to you? Have you got any? Want any?

Rach xxx

Sunday, 1 June 2014

A-Z Weekly Challenge - A is for Ciaté Apple and Custard

Hey everyone!

I've joined a new weekly challenge called the A-Z challenge. I needed a kick up the bum to get back to blogging as although I am still avidly painting my nails, I am not finding time to blog!

I am a few weeks behind, so here is my A - Ciaté Apples and Custard, with an accent of R&R Lacquers Shisou.

You can get Ciaté Apple and Custard from their website for £9 per 15ml bottle. R&R Lacquers is an indie brand (handmade). Shisou is part of our spring collection which you can find here for £6.50 a bottle or any 4 bottles (from any collection) for £22.

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Rach xxx

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