Friday, 29 March 2013

Polish restocks at Ninja Polish

As i'm sure a lot of you are aware, there are certain polishes being restocked on Ninja Polish atm. There are massive issues over people constantly refreshing the page which is causing issues with the server. Those at NP are trying to provide a service and all those people wanting the polishes are working against them really by refreshing all the time. So people have started tearing verbal chunks out of each other on facebook over it. Don't get me wrong, I would love some of the polishes getting restocked, but I think some people need to learn the meaning of the word 'respect' and realise that at the end of the day, its a bottle of nail polish. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from 'adults', many who have a much better standard of living than other people in the world, lowering themselves over a commodity that isn't a 'need' its a 'want'. Get over yourselves, grow up. I've decided I'm not partaking of the restock today. If I'm meant to have one of the polishes, then I'm sure an opportunity will present itself eventually. I am very lucky to have the ones I already have. /End of rant.

Monday, 25 March 2013

100 Followers - Giveaway update!


Thank you so much to everyone who follows me. To celebrate hitting 100 followers, and also 100 posts (a few ago) I have added another prize to my giveaway. First person drawn will get the choice of which prize they want - 2nd drawn will get the other prize as runner up :)

I have also added two more options to my giveaway - I want to share the love around a little bit - there are another 10 entries for anyone who follows my two bestest 'nail friends' - who always leave me a comment every once in awhile - Becca at Kitty's Painted Claws and Rachael at Nails and Colour. Thank you both for following me since I had only around 5 followers! :) Theres also another 5 for following me via Bloglovin too!

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Pokémon Nail Art Challenge - Week 10 Fighting - Guess Who?

Hello again! It's Pokémon time!

I knew roughly which pokémon I would be choosing from for this week - however, it seems I have boatloads of polish and do not have anything near what I need to do this in full colour, so I decided to go off on a tangent today.

And that tangent is... back to the animé! YAAAAAY :D Does anyone remember the interlude guess who game in the middle? It was one of my favourite parts - I don't think I ever didn't know the answer :D I saw this while looking for nail inspiration, and thought I'd share - I did laugh (easily amused!)


 So anyway, here are my nails - can you guess who it is? :D Answers in the comments please haha!

Polishes Used:
Essie - Forever Yummy (we think - unlabelled bottle donated by the lovely Becca :) )
Sally Hansen - The Sky's The Limit
Zoya - Raven and Purity

and LOTS of basecoat - not taking a chance at staining! :p

Decided to include a few swatches of the base colour too - I have two coats on here with no top coat, fine for what I need it for, but I think if worn alone it needs a third coat to hide the VNL.

And here is the finished design :)

Don't forget to check everyone else's nails out! x

ER31DC - Day 4 - Green Nails

Hi all :)

Feels like the longest week of my life.. no time for blogging really, so I'm glad to have today to do a little catch up :)

St Paddy's Day is over, and I was lacking in inspiration (as I often am!) for anything different to do with my nails. I often peruse The Nailasaurus, as I love her stamping and 'glequin' manis, and I happened to come across some gold glitter I had from frankening. Turns out it has a reflective curl, so no good for polish but thought I could use it in some nail art :)

The base colour I used is 'I'm not a Greenager' by Catrice. I was a bit nervous about the giant black circle stating ' Use Base Coat' so I have 3 coats of base on, 2 coats of Catrice, and 1 coat of Seche Vite.

Personally, I think adding glitter is much harder than I have read about - all of mine kept turning last minute, etc and so I definitely think I need more practice! :)

Absolutely in love with this colour! The glitter was so difficult to place though - more practice needed definitely :)

What do you think? Also, don't forget to check out the other Green nails :) x
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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Color Club Foiled Collection


These aren't new - they're a collection released by Color Club for Autumn 2011. They're (obviously) all foils, and came as a set of 7 - 6 foil shades and the Color Club topcoat.

I was so unsure about getting these - I am really irky about the foil / metallic look, but at the price, I couldn't pass up on them, and also because Color Club shades are not usually available over in the UK - I only ever very rarely come across them at bargain shops etc and now Sally Magpies stocks the Halo Hues.

I had great fun swatching these - mainly because it was over tea (water for me!) and cake at Becca's - I also asked her to swatch these too - she has a totally different skin tone to me so it's always interesting to see how things look on her in comparison to me. I have a much pinker skin tone - as Becca described it - I'm raw chicken, she's how cooked chicken should look - a bit yellower but never pink :D Check her out - I'm not sure, but hoping she'll post hers in the next few days :)

First one up is Perfect Mol-Ten. This is a light shimmery foil green. Almost seafoam green, but not quite. This was the one both me and Becca instantly liked the look of from the bottle, but I'm not 100% sure on it on the nail. Quite nice for spring I think, but it definitely wasn't my favourite on.

All the photos are two coats, no topcoat. I could've gotten away with 1 for all - but just force of habit that I did two.

As you can see, they are insanely shiny. It was a poor day today, and late when we swatched so we were confined to 'unnatural' light.

Here is the second polish - this is a gorgeous champagne gold foil polish called Antiquated. All the polishes have a silver base, so this is very pale but I thought it was lovely on the nail. I expected it to be very similar to Ciaté - Ladylike Luxe, which is my only other gold polish, but it was paler than this. All the colours including this one had a fantastic formula - opaque in one coat and nowhere near as streaky as I had expected (one reason I am not a massive metallic / foil fan!)

This is definitely the polish that stands out the most in the collection. Its such a strong, dark metallic blue called Cold Metal. This one does have a silver base but its less obvious than the other colours. It did remind me of the China Glaze - Blue Bells Ring from this Xmas's collection, but its a shade darker I think. I'll definitely do a comparison on the two sometime though - more for my own curiousity than anything!

Next is Lumin-icent. Its a very VERY pale blue, which is more noticeable in the photos than in real life. In the bottle it looks blue, but on the nail we both agreed that the first coat looked silver, and you had to wiggle your fingers about at different angles to see the blue. However, still very pretty, one that I think is a grower - the more I look at it, the more I like it :)

This was the shocker of the bunch for me -  Hot Like Lava. I say this a lot - I am not a pink fan, but when I count my collection, and when I think about how much I am liking this polish, I think maybe I am a closet pink fan.. I'm coming out!

Last but not least, this is Foil Me Once. In the bottle, I thought this would be a more purple colour, but in reality its a much paler pink. I'm still pleased with it, it was probably one of my favorites out of the whole collection.

So overall, I am still undecided on foil effect nail polish. What do you think? Do you have a favourite? I am thinking that these may turn out as good stampers - especially if they live up to the likes of Barry M Foil Effects, which are excellent. (I say this like I can actually stamp.. better learn to do that well first!)

I also picked up another mini collection of Color Clubs - look out for those later in the week :) xxx

St Paddys Day Nails

Happy St Patricks Day to all!

Here are my nails for the occasion :)

Tested out one of my new Essence polishes - We Rock The Green. I tried to leave a 'window' in the shape of a shamrock. In retrospect, i made the window too small. Also the caviar beads were a pig to apply and as i had to topcoat several times (damn Seche vite, you are too efficient!) it moved the green about a bit - so the end result wasn't as clean cut as i would've liked. Still pleased with it though - my first attempt at using caviar beads as a design rather than a full nail.

What do you think? X

Saturday, 16 March 2013

ER31DC - Week 3 - Yellow Nails

I hate yellow week! Yellow is the colour that is either yellow yellow, or pastel yellow. So I have 4 polishes in yellow, 3 are yellow yellow, one is pastel yellow. They often look different in the bottle but they all end up the same on your nails!

So i hope its okay that I twisted the yellow theme slightly to things i associate with yellow. Pikachu, and lightning (which is also associated with pikachu - win win :))

I was a little disappointed with the eyes because i got them just a smidge too close together but otherwise got to be one of my best pokemon nails to date :) never done lightning nails either so canny pleased with those too.

Polishes used: Loréal - soft chinchilla, ciaté - big yellow taxi, Essie - Forever Yummy, Zoya - Raven / Purity.

What do you think? 

Don't forget to check out everyone else's yellow nails! x


Pokémon Nail Art Challenge - Week 9 Poison - Vileplume

Yaay we're upto week 9 - where has the time gone?

This week is Poison - there's not a massive choice of Poison pokémon, but as I was stuck between two for Grass, Poison was the perfect week to do Vileplume <3 . I love Vileplume, its one of my favourite pokémon from the original 151. I think its really cute :) it never has amazing story lines in the animé - infact i HATE the Jessibel episode where James returns home. If she was a real person, I might actually lamp her. Can't believe she has a Vileplume! And the way she says it... ACK!

Anyway onto the mani. The polishes I used are:

Base - Catrice - The Monkey Gets Funky
Vileplume - Loréal Color Riche - 607 Rue Montmartre, Essie - Forever Yummy, Essie - Case Study, Ciaté - Big Yellow Taxi, Zoya - Raven for outline.
Vileplume's stun spore (across the other nails) - Ciaté - Ladylike Luxe

Quite pleased with it :) even managed to get outside to take some pictures. Please don't forget to check out everyone else's Poison nails and feel free to let me know what you think about mine! x

Enter Catrice - The Monkey gets Funky!

Imagine my grin of happiness when I found out that Sally Magpies had started to stock Catrice and Essence polishes. Cue me and my debit card and a whole host of goodies being bought, which arrived earlier in the week. Yay! Been so busy with other things that I decided to leave them unopened until today.

I only have one swatched for you so far - keep an eye out for the others coming soon. This was my favourite choice out of all my purchases, just for the name - The Monkey Gets Funky!


It reminds me of the cheesiest song ever - Toy-Box - Tarzan in Jane where they sing "Hey Chica, Get Banana, Hey Monkey, Get Funky! (it has an even worse video, but I used to love Aqua / The Venga Boys who sing really cheesy stuff like this ever).

Catrice have no descriptions of their polish, but I would describe this as a warm brown that reminds me of milky hot chocolates and coffee dates with friends. It has a rosy pink tint and a fine gold shimmer, which is much clearer in the bottle but you can still see it on the nail in natural / bright light. It is what I see as a really classy, understated colour. I love everything about it - the formula is perfect - I have two thin coats on every finger apart from my index which has one thick coat, and I can't honestly tell the difference. The dry time was around 3 minutes a coat and it levels out well. No issues with the brush, I did worry that the top was quite big and clunky but it didn't affect how I polish my nails.

As you can see, the gold shimmer is really clear here in the bottle.

You can just about catch the shimmer on the nail in direct sunlight.

What do you think? I absolutely adore this colour - so understated and classy looking!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Red Nose Day Nails!

Yay! Tomorrow is Red Nose Day - non-uniform at work, and the theme is 'wear something red' duh.

So seen as I wore my only red clothes today (good planning Rach!) I painted my nails :)

I realise now that my last minute decision to silver my smile lines with a striper has made them look very christmassy.. but what the heck, I still like them :)

As I came on, I saw some other Red Nose Day Manis in my reading list.. all of which are better than mine! But still happy with my first attempt.
My ring finger is the Red Nose that we've been selling at school. I didnt realise but there are actually three versions of Di-Nose-Saurs. We obviously got the cuter one! My attempt is the one on the left :)

Polishes used: KBShimmer - Berry Xmas, Zoya Purity and Raven for detail and Sparkly Nails nail art striper in silver.

Whatever you're doing tomorrow, I hope you have a great day and remember how fortunate we all are! xx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

TIOT - Loréal - Paris Avenues

This is not only a new untried colour to me, but is also a new untried brand for me too. I've never had a Loréal polish before. Mainly because these sweet little 5ml bottles are around £7 - more expensive than most 15ml polishes!

I spotted this, and a few other colours at my favourite place - The Bargain Barrow :)

I picked up a few colours but wanted to try this first. Its 621 - a beautiful slatey grey-blue creme called Paris Avenues. It has a lovely formula - not too thick but ALMOST a one coater. You can JUST see a VNL so I think two coats is needed. Dry time was pretty good - around 2-3 minutes which with only two coats needed is fine. It also has quite a wide brush which is fab.

What do you think? I really love it, especially as a muted work polish :)

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