Saturday, 6 July 2013

Nails Inc Lucky Dip - Part 2

Good morning :)

Here I am with the 2nd half of my lucky dip!

The colours I have today are:

Bruton Mews
Seymour Walk
and Park Lane

I was pretty pleased with the range of colours I got this month, but some were definitely not summer colours! The first I have today is Bruton Mews. It's a really dark, grungy green colour, which shows almost black in some lights. 

I am honestly unsure of this one. I spied it only a couple of days ago at the Nails Inc counter in Debenhams, and in the bottle, it definitely looks more green. So I think overall I was disappointed with this one.. but at the same time, I feel like I have to hold on to it to try again at a later date. I am annoyingly on the fence about it. 

The second polish is part of the same picture - Hammersmith. From the bottle, this reminded me of Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors. The different sizes of glitter and the consistency are very similar. But I definitely feel I made a fail thinking I could pair this with Bruton Mews - I think I was thinking Nail Junkie which is more green, whereas Hammersmith is more blue and silvery and therefore not at all a good choice for Bruton Mews. Really do not know what I was thinking! But the polish itself is really quite pretty - very dense - only 1 coat over the base colour. What do you think?

The next is Seymour Walk. This reminds me of L'Oréal - Opulent Pink. The formula for this is nicer though - thicker, creamier and possibly a tad lighter? Not sure though. There's nothing all too special about it, it doesn't really wow me in any shape or form.. but it is a nice summer colour.

And last, the most surprising of the bunch for me - Park Lane. As soon as I saw this, I definitely thought oh no, another version of Amethyst Nail Jewellery (which was a massive disappointment for me). But once I got this on, I was literally shocked at how much I loved it. I generally hate purple. It does nothing for me and its purple. End of. 

Park Lane is made up of one size of glitter - lots of small violet ones. The consistency is nice - I used two coats and had a near full coverage, but enough for me to be happy with it. No dabbing required either which was great. I added a topcoat for this one, but in all honesty my nails weren't very rough without it, it just levelled it out a little better. 

So what do you think of these? Do you have any / want any? 


  1. I love Park Lane, they need to make a mint version! xo

  2. OMG Park Lane looks amazing! Just remembered that I don't have any lilac glitters in my collection :P


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