Saturday, 12 October 2013

KKCenter HK - Review of N.Nail Blue Peony Decals

**Products in this post were provided for an honest review**


When KKCenterHK let me pick some products, I was drawn to these. I love anything that looks like old blue and white china, so when I saw the peony design I just had to ask for them!

These come with no instructions and they also come attached as one sheet of 10 so if you cut wrong, or if you mess one up, you're pretty screwed. But for the price of only $2.82 they are definitely worth a go!

I cut mine up and soaked them in water until the decals would slide off easily. I used tweezers to pick up each sheet and place it on the nail. Each decal is quite long - I had to carefully file off the end of each to fit my nail once they had dried in place. They are 2.3cm in length, which is a fair size I think! One thing I didn't anticipate was that theyre not blue and white, the blue design is there but if you want blue and white, you will need to apply over a white base.

I have them here over 2 coats of Revlon 'Sneak' which is a pale pastel blue. I think they look really cute!

I am super impressed with these - I really like them. Theyre beautifully delicate and elegant and suitable for any occasion. Just something special that is easy to do and quick to apply. What can't you like?

What do you think? Have you ordered anything from KKCenterHK before? Anything you've had your eye on?

Rachael xxx


  1. They're gorgeous! Super pretty and dead feminine looking <3 I love the thought of the blue and white china look, might have to give it a try myself :D

  2. Gorgeous, I think they'd look like Delft blue china over a white base... being born in Delft I might have to look at my wallet lovingly to see if that helps ;)

  3. These are so lush honestly! And such a good price - I will definitely be picking up some more, they're amazing!

  4. Wow, they are really amazing, they remind me of a china set my grandma used to have.

    I never bought at KKCenterHK, I'm heading there right now to see what else tickles my fancy


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