Saturday, 19 October 2013

Halloween Nail Art Challenge - Day 1 Scary Movies!

Hey all!

Today is Day 1 already - can't believe how fast its come around!

When I finally sat down to have a think about this prompt, I realised what a silly idea it was for me! I HATE SCARY FILMS! I am the world's biggest chicken EVER!

Can't believe when I tumblr'd for an image, this was the first one. But it is quite relevant as I do try and block out scary things with music haha! I hum to myself in scary situations and generally come across as a bit crazy! I am a crazy bird haha!

Anyway, I digress! I really struggled today as I have watched so few scary films that I went for one that sticks in my mind - The Blair Witch Project. We never see anything scary, we see someone with their face pressed against a camera for around an hour and a half.. but I still freak out when I see those weird tree hangings if I'm out for a walk!

So my nails are supposed to be those tree hangings.. they are truly terrible and I apologise for my first nail art for this challenge - I promise my next ones are better!!

Don't forget to check everyone else's out! 

Rachael xxx

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