Sunday, 13 October 2013

Halloween Nail Art Challenge!

Hello all!

I have another nail art challenge to share with you today - I hope you will all consider joining!

Becca from KPC and I have come up with a short and snappy Hallowe'en challenge. This is perfect if you can't commit to a long challenge, or an every day one. 6 themes, running on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday rota so that we end on Hallowe'een night.

The themes are as follows:

We have time to prep ahead if you need to, but if you would rather pop in and out, or you can't do a certain day, then don't worry - thats fine! Never done nail art before? Have a go! We'd love to see your designs and ideas. You can share these with us if you have your own blog or not - share your designs with us either way at:

Tag us on instagram: @kittyspaintedclaws / @rachosnl / #NAChalloween2013
Twitter: @kpclaws / @rachosnl

For those who do have blogs - link your posts up with our Hallowe'en inspiration board on Inlinkz (same code for each day). Above is the square graphic for Instagram if you want to share / promote!

Thank you to Becca for making the graphics and sorting the inlinkz for us!

Can't wait to see everyone's manis! So excited!

Rachael xxx


  1. I'm going to do your challenge :) I've posted it on my blog, so check it out if you have the chance :)


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