Tuesday, 5 March 2013

TIOT - The Nail Junkie - Watermelon

There seems to be a running theme to my TIOT posts so far!

It just so happens that this is the next polish that I came across in my mass of untrieds. I got this in my last buy from Aleta at The Nail Junkie - one of my favourite indie polish makers as she has a great range of polishes without masses of glitter in!

This is Watermelon. In the photos I saw before buying, it did look a little more red/pink. In RL its more orange - almost neon. It has a beautiful goldish shimmer to it, which I found really difficult to capture with my phone camera. On one of the photos you can just about see it in the bottle.

Watermelon has a gorgeous jelly texture and like all of Aleta's polishes it is really quick drying. Here I am wearing two coats - at some angles this does leave a visible nail line, so I'm sure 3 would fix this, or layering over a similar colour. However I do really like this just as it is, and think I will keep it just at two coats. I love how shiny this is too - none of the photos have a top coat :) x

What do you think? Do you have any Nail Junkie polishes?


  1. It's a very pretty color dear!!

  2. Such a bright fun color! I would love to wear it for spring <3


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