Monday, 11 March 2013

Nail Storage

I was just wondering what everyone else used for storage?

I'm roughly at around 200-250 polishes at the moment and I've had to change my storage option. I did have all my polishes stored in a long under-the-bed storage box, but it has gotten to the point where I can't find the polishes I want because they're all piled on top of each other.

So I had a bit of a look around and most people use Helmers from IKEA or "Melmers" from a place called Michaels. Seen as I'm in the UK - IKEA is my only option, but I'm pleased because I like the metal design over the cardboardy design of the Melmers anyway.

The reason for this post is really because I want to show off my DIY skills. I suck at DIY. I didnt even get this totally right! But in the end (around 2 hours after I started.. it was assembled how it should be :) ) and I did it all myself apart from the wheels cause the wheels really did defeat me :( 

Dead happy with it - got all my polishes in it all organised :) it doesnt look like I have as many now though?! Better fix that and BUY MOOOOOOOOOORE! :D

The wonkiness is my bad camera skills, I swear it!

Top drawer - all my 'naily bits' - top and base, nail pads, files, removers etc :)

2nd drawer - Orange, Red and Pink

3rd drawer - Blue

4th drawer - Green

5th drawer - Browns, Purples, Greys and Yellows

I surprised myself when I sorted through - I really didn't think I had many pinks or purples.. I have quite a lot!

Still got lots of space (MORE POLISH!) - I think around another 50 or so polishes and I'll be full :) (MORE HELMERS!)


  1. Yay look at your diy skills!
    I like how you sort by colour, not brand. I'm the same but it seems we're a minority =)
    can't wait to see how long it takes until you need another Helmer :D

    1. just seen this! and yes, defo on colour.. I think cause when I do nail art I just think 'i need yellow' not I need 'china glaze yellow' or whatever.. mucho easier :)


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