Sunday, 3 March 2013

Extra Relaxed 31DC - Day 1 - Red Nails


So I joined a new challenge! :)

Yes, I do still have two posts outstanding from the last one which are coming, I promise! I couldn't miss out on this one though. I've recently joined The Crumpet's Nail Tarts - a facebook group for all people who love painting nails :)

They have various challenges going on, such as the Tri-Polish contest, MSMDM (Monkey See Monkey Do Mondays) and various different 31 Day challenges. After last month's 28 day challenge, I don't have the energy for an every day thing, so this is perfect for me! 31 Days, but stretched out even further than the laid back version, so there is only one post a week. Post day is supposed to be friday, but I doubt I will always have mine on time for fridays as its not a great day for me!

Today I went for a very VERY relaxed start. I am first of all, in love with this new polish. It is one of my very first NYC polishes, which Becca from Kitty's Painted Claws gave me for free (thanks Becca, love thee :D ). It's called Penn Station, and because it is borderline red / pink, I can actually pull it off :) The formula for this was great - ALMOST a one coater - but I did two just to be sure.

I also used some of Born Pretty Store's studs. I love these and don't get to use them often as they come off easily when I'm at work, but someone else said they always use superglue to keep them on, and it doesnt affect their nails, so I thought I would I would give them a try!

Already had compliments on them from the OH (massive surprise actually!) and also from his dad.. don't know what that means but i'll take all the compliments I can get haha :)

Don't forget to check everyone else's red nails! x


  1. Oh wow this looks interesting and something that I might be able to manage! Is there a starting date or can I start when I want? :)

    1. Its technically every friday but im doing every sunday / monday as easier for me :) you should defo join in! Xx

    2. Haha yes I want to! Do I need to register or do I just link my mani in? Haha I've never done one of these before!

  2. I love that colour on you! It totally suits you <3


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