Sunday, 17 March 2013

Color Club Foiled Collection


These aren't new - they're a collection released by Color Club for Autumn 2011. They're (obviously) all foils, and came as a set of 7 - 6 foil shades and the Color Club topcoat.

I was so unsure about getting these - I am really irky about the foil / metallic look, but at the price, I couldn't pass up on them, and also because Color Club shades are not usually available over in the UK - I only ever very rarely come across them at bargain shops etc and now Sally Magpies stocks the Halo Hues.

I had great fun swatching these - mainly because it was over tea (water for me!) and cake at Becca's - I also asked her to swatch these too - she has a totally different skin tone to me so it's always interesting to see how things look on her in comparison to me. I have a much pinker skin tone - as Becca described it - I'm raw chicken, she's how cooked chicken should look - a bit yellower but never pink :D Check her out - I'm not sure, but hoping she'll post hers in the next few days :)

First one up is Perfect Mol-Ten. This is a light shimmery foil green. Almost seafoam green, but not quite. This was the one both me and Becca instantly liked the look of from the bottle, but I'm not 100% sure on it on the nail. Quite nice for spring I think, but it definitely wasn't my favourite on.

All the photos are two coats, no topcoat. I could've gotten away with 1 for all - but just force of habit that I did two.

As you can see, they are insanely shiny. It was a poor day today, and late when we swatched so we were confined to 'unnatural' light.

Here is the second polish - this is a gorgeous champagne gold foil polish called Antiquated. All the polishes have a silver base, so this is very pale but I thought it was lovely on the nail. I expected it to be very similar to Ciaté - Ladylike Luxe, which is my only other gold polish, but it was paler than this. All the colours including this one had a fantastic formula - opaque in one coat and nowhere near as streaky as I had expected (one reason I am not a massive metallic / foil fan!)

This is definitely the polish that stands out the most in the collection. Its such a strong, dark metallic blue called Cold Metal. This one does have a silver base but its less obvious than the other colours. It did remind me of the China Glaze - Blue Bells Ring from this Xmas's collection, but its a shade darker I think. I'll definitely do a comparison on the two sometime though - more for my own curiousity than anything!

Next is Lumin-icent. Its a very VERY pale blue, which is more noticeable in the photos than in real life. In the bottle it looks blue, but on the nail we both agreed that the first coat looked silver, and you had to wiggle your fingers about at different angles to see the blue. However, still very pretty, one that I think is a grower - the more I look at it, the more I like it :)

This was the shocker of the bunch for me -  Hot Like Lava. I say this a lot - I am not a pink fan, but when I count my collection, and when I think about how much I am liking this polish, I think maybe I am a closet pink fan.. I'm coming out!

Last but not least, this is Foil Me Once. In the bottle, I thought this would be a more purple colour, but in reality its a much paler pink. I'm still pleased with it, it was probably one of my favorites out of the whole collection.

So overall, I am still undecided on foil effect nail polish. What do you think? Do you have a favourite? I am thinking that these may turn out as good stampers - especially if they live up to the likes of Barry M Foil Effects, which are excellent. (I say this like I can actually stamp.. better learn to do that well first!)

I also picked up another mini collection of Color Clubs - look out for those later in the week :) xxx


  1. these polishes are gorgeous!!! :) For this kind of polishes, I prefer the brand Kiko, it's much cheaper and really awesome! I think this brand is not very famous in England?

    1. i'd heard of it but never seen it before I saw you mention it on your blog!


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