Tuesday, 12 March 2013

TIOT - Loréal - Paris Avenues

This is not only a new untried colour to me, but is also a new untried brand for me too. I've never had a Loréal polish before. Mainly because these sweet little 5ml bottles are around £7 - more expensive than most 15ml polishes!

I spotted this, and a few other colours at my favourite place - The Bargain Barrow :)

I picked up a few colours but wanted to try this first. Its 621 - a beautiful slatey grey-blue creme called Paris Avenues. It has a lovely formula - not too thick but ALMOST a one coater. You can JUST see a VNL so I think two coats is needed. Dry time was pretty good - around 2-3 minutes which with only two coats needed is fine. It also has quite a wide brush which is fab.

What do you think? I really love it, especially as a muted work polish :)


  1. Such a pretty colour! Did you use top coat for the swatches? They look a little smooth but not shiny haha

  2. Yes 1 coat of seche vite! They have an almost rubber finish I think! They don't look shiny like usual polishes do, but I'm still quite fond of it :)


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