Saturday, 23 March 2013

Pokémon Nail Art Challenge - Week 10 Fighting - Guess Who?

Hello again! It's Pokémon time!

I knew roughly which pokémon I would be choosing from for this week - however, it seems I have boatloads of polish and do not have anything near what I need to do this in full colour, so I decided to go off on a tangent today.

And that tangent is... back to the animé! YAAAAAY :D Does anyone remember the interlude guess who game in the middle? It was one of my favourite parts - I don't think I ever didn't know the answer :D I saw this while looking for nail inspiration, and thought I'd share - I did laugh (easily amused!)


 So anyway, here are my nails - can you guess who it is? :D Answers in the comments please haha!

Polishes Used:
Essie - Forever Yummy (we think - unlabelled bottle donated by the lovely Becca :) )
Sally Hansen - The Sky's The Limit
Zoya - Raven and Purity

and LOTS of basecoat - not taking a chance at staining! :p

Decided to include a few swatches of the base colour too - I have two coats on here with no top coat, fine for what I need it for, but I think if worn alone it needs a third coat to hide the VNL.

And here is the finished design :)

Don't forget to check everyone else's nails out! x


  1. This is so cool! :) You had a wonderful idea, and the result is really beautiful!

  2. It looks like Mankey! Cute idea btw :)

  3. This is awesome! You did a great job, and the silhouette is very clearly Mankey. ;)

  4. this just came up in my feeds again, and I had to say it made me laugh. again :D I really love this mani!

  5. thanks guys :)

    the meme really makes me laugh Melanie.. i'm easily pleased :D x


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