Saturday, 16 March 2013

Enter Catrice - The Monkey gets Funky!

Imagine my grin of happiness when I found out that Sally Magpies had started to stock Catrice and Essence polishes. Cue me and my debit card and a whole host of goodies being bought, which arrived earlier in the week. Yay! Been so busy with other things that I decided to leave them unopened until today.

I only have one swatched for you so far - keep an eye out for the others coming soon. This was my favourite choice out of all my purchases, just for the name - The Monkey Gets Funky!


It reminds me of the cheesiest song ever - Toy-Box - Tarzan in Jane where they sing "Hey Chica, Get Banana, Hey Monkey, Get Funky! (it has an even worse video, but I used to love Aqua / The Venga Boys who sing really cheesy stuff like this ever).

Catrice have no descriptions of their polish, but I would describe this as a warm brown that reminds me of milky hot chocolates and coffee dates with friends. It has a rosy pink tint and a fine gold shimmer, which is much clearer in the bottle but you can still see it on the nail in natural / bright light. It is what I see as a really classy, understated colour. I love everything about it - the formula is perfect - I have two thin coats on every finger apart from my index which has one thick coat, and I can't honestly tell the difference. The dry time was around 3 minutes a coat and it levels out well. No issues with the brush, I did worry that the top was quite big and clunky but it didn't affect how I polish my nails.

As you can see, the gold shimmer is really clear here in the bottle.

You can just about catch the shimmer on the nail in direct sunlight.

What do you think? I absolutely adore this colour - so understated and classy looking!


  1. OMG, the colour on this is amazing! <3

  2. WOW! I LOVE THIS COLOUR TOO! You pull it off so well too, it definitely matches your skin tone! Ahhh it's so gorgeous and shiny. I love how warm and comforting it looks haha!


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