Friday, 8 March 2013

Extra Relaxed 31DC - Day 2 - Orange Nails

I was so stuck over these but i'm quite pleased with the end result! :)

I was totally decided on my base - this just arrived around a week ago and I've been dying to try it - Kunimitsu Nail Potions - Orange Tabby.

Totally in love with this muted orange! Then I got REALLY stuck. Tried loads of different designs - I wanted something cat related as I bought Orange Tabby because of Milo, my cat :) (picture included, of course!)

Totally off-topic, but did anyone ever play Catz / Dogz on the computer YEARS ago? I love this picture because it reminds me of Scaredy cat.. hes stood just like Scaredy did in the game.. and its totally fitting of his personality. When its quiet hes relaxed and loves a cuddle on his own terms but anything new and this is what he's like! This was taken when I was poorly and he didn't like it one bit bless him!

Anyway back onto nails (sorry for the off on a tangent moment!) - so I tried cat eyes, which were SO creepy I had to remove them cause they made me feel uneasy.. then I painted on a cat to look like the Kunimitsu label and it was totally deformed.. and then I was just about to give up and I spied my trusty dotting tools :)

Check out everyone else's oranges nails for Day 2 :)

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