Saturday, 24 August 2013

Pokémon NAC - Week 3 Fighting - Hitmontop

Hey all!

Another pokémon installment today. This time its Hitmontop. Fighting pokémon are thin on the ground for the first few generations, so I just went for a cuter option.

I desperately need a new small detailer brush. Not happy with my outlining at all, but can you see the general resemblance?

Don't forget, if you fancy joining in, you can join any time - either post links to your pictures on here, or you can join at the facebook group! Everyone welcome! We also have a hashtag for Instagram if you want to post on there - #pokenailsgen2 .

Don't forget to check out everyone else's fighting manis - theyre really fab!

Rachael xxx


  1. Cute accent nail! But I really love your dots more, they remind me so much of mosaic art! :)

    1. thank you! I quite like it on my pointer but need a bit more practice on the other two dotted ones :) x

  2. Love this, what a great piece of nail art :-)


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