Thursday, 29 August 2013

August Tri-Polish #4

Hey all!

Last tri-polish of the month today. Here they are. I just had to do this because the colours scream drugs and rastafarianism to me. When I was a kid and drugs were cool, I used to wear loads of badges with these colours and the cannabis leaf on them. I had earrings to match. Now, I think drugs are stupid, but I have fond memories of my old clothing and accessory choices!

Also, my Ciaté Big Yellow Taxi finally gave up the good fight.. so I had to substitute for my new Bondi NY Brick Road. Its much more straw yellow than my Ciaté, but its the best option I had.

Rachael xxx


  1. very nice nails, nice patternand special!

  2. I like leaves. they are prefect (:

  3. Simple and effective, nice job :-)

  4. I had the same idea! Green, red and yellow are the colors of rastafarian people. Like Bob Marley. Nice job!


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