Saturday, 17 August 2013

Guest Post over at Polished Art!

Hello all!

Silly me, I wrote up this post to let you know about my guest post over at Polished Art and I didn't press Schedule, I left it in my drafts in my hurry before my holidays!

So yesterday, I had a post over there.. go check it out (I even tried doing my first tutorial) and go check Sam out if you don't follow her already - she has beautiful nails and always posts beautiful swatches and imaginative nail art!


Thank you again Sam for letting me guest post for you! 

Rachael xxx


  1. Ah the number of times I've clicked 'save' instead of 'schedule' lol.

    Thanks again for your post Rachael, your nails are really beautiful! And thank you for your lovely comments about my blog :)

  2. I thought these were a stamp! So nicely done especially for being hand painted.

    1. aww thank you very much! :) no, they'd probably look worse if stamped.. I am stamping-challenged! xx


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