Sunday, 18 August 2013

Nail Lacquer UK - Review and Swatches

**These polishes were provided for my honest review**

Good morning all!

I'm sooooo glad to be back - I got home around half 3 yesterday and spent the remainder of my day polishing my nails. I did a whole week of naked shorties with nothing but a file and some Nail Envy for company. It did my nails the world of good but I am seriously glad to be home with my pretties!

Anyway, back onto why I'm posting - today I have 3 polishes to show you from Nail Lacquer UK - Megan (who makes these beautiful polishes!) kindly gave me three to review. The ones I have to show you today are Happy!!!, Golden Apple and Naughty or Nautical.

Quick bit of housekeeping - all polishes are shown with basecoat of OPI Matte Nail Envy and 1 coat of Seche Vite topcoat unless otherwise stated.

The first I chose to try was Happy!!!. From first glance, it is something that makes you feel happy - it is a beautiful glitter topper with a mix of bright blue, coral red, pink and lime green glitters in a variety of shapes and sizes. They range from tiny glitters and small squares to medium and large hex glitters. A really pretty mix! Also, look at the cute sticker on the bottom of all of the bottles - just makes them cuter!

As this is a neon mix, I decided to show you a couple of different looks you could go for. The first is the usual - a white base which makes the neon colours really pop. What do you think? 

The second base I chose for this was Barry M - Greenberry. I think this works really well with the range of glitter colours. 

The application of this was pretty good. I did have to dab a little to get some of the bigger hexes off the brush onto the nail. I didn't need to dig for any though which was great. Megan sent me the little bottles (4ml) and I was pleased with the brush quality and length as it reaches the bottom of the bottle so I won't end up having to shake and roll and fish for any polish at the bottom once I've used it a couple of times. Marvellous! Only point I do want to make - as I have quite curvy nails some of the larger hexes didn't lay completely flat, and therefore I did need an extra coat of Seche Vite to even it out.

The second polish I have for you is a beautiful shimmer polish called Golden Apple. It does really remind me of a Golden Delicious apple - its a beautiful light green with a golden yellow shimmer to it. I thought it would be quite sheer, but the formula is thicker than I thought and only needed two careful coats for full coverage. I found it quite hard to photo the true colour of this - the first shows the nice application but the second photo is much more true to its Golden Apple colour.

And last but definitely not least - Naughty or Nautical. As you will probably have noticed, this has a similar name to one of Essie's summer line polishes - but for me it sticks closer to what I would associate with Nautical - Blue and Red. The blue base is a gorgeous metallic inky blue and mixed in are small and medium glitters in red and holographic blue. The red is particularly pretty as it flashes a deep pink at certain angles. I really like this one - and as autumn is coming it'll be going into my work-appropriate stash as I love squeezing understated glitters in there! :) Here I used three coats on its own - it was much more sparkly in person - more like the bottle.

So.. there you are :) Which is your favourite? Do you own any Nail Lacquer polishes that you would recommend? Any on your wishlist? I have one more to show you which will be coming in its own post soon :) 

Thank you again to Megan for letting me review some of her polishes!

Rachael xxx


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the neon glitter topper! It looks fantastic over the white polish!

    1. Doesnt it? I personally love it over Greenberry more!

  2. Golden apple!!! One of the most gorgeous polish I've seen! And I just loooove green polish in general... But this one is just perfect!

    1. Its really lovely - I was surprised how much I liked it. The formula is great :) x

  3. Love that glitter over Greenberry! I got a few of AJ's polishes - of the ones I've tried I really love Eat My Cake (not that I don't like the others); I have a few more I need to wear and post about :D

    1. I saw your swatches of Eat My Cake.. I love them! I will stalk your posts a bit for your others :)

      I have one more to share which AJ gave me as a present :) x

  4. The Golden Apple looks amazing! I don't own any Nail Lacquer polishes but I sure wish I did!


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