Tuesday, 6 August 2013

ER31DC - Day 10 - Gradient Nails

Hey all!

I am trying my hardest here to catch up with this challenge - everyone else I believe is on.. Day 22/23. I am on... Day 10! Yaaaaaay for Day 10 haha! Got to be positive about these things :)

So anyway. I was not looking forward to today - I am not great at gradients they always look not blended. I try my hardest - maybe its just the polish I choose. 

Today I went for something unusual for me - a mix of orange and coral orange/pink. I used Barry M Gelly Papaya and one of my new Taras Talons polishes - Orange Juice.

I've worn Papaya before - its a very bright juicy orange. Orange Juice is a corally orange, which looks a bit pinker when you put it with Papaya. I think they work well together. I used two coats of Papaya, and then sponged Orange Juice on at the tip. What do you think?

I then thought it didn't look quite finished, so I went for your typical sunset look and freehanded a palm tree silhouette onto my accent nail.

Don't forget to check out what everyone else did for gradient week!

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  1. This is lovely - so juicy you could almost drink it ! I was just thinking it looks like a tropical sunset and then bam! Palm tree!

    1. Them damn palm trees, always sneaking up on people haha!

  2. I actually like this subtle gradient look! I think it's definitely easier to pull off than two contrasting colours which is what I shouldn't have tried with haha!

    1. thanks! This is the first successful gradient I've ever done!


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