Sunday, 25 August 2013

One from the vault..

Hey all!

Never believed I would do my nails often enough to have 'a vault', but I do have one mani to show you. I was saving this for a nail art competition, but I got rejected so many times for even being in the short listing that I just gave up even trying. 

So here are my nails which I was going to enter into the Grazia and Nails Inc competition on Twitter. They were a second version of my black and white nails with a twist which were a couple of weeks ago. I loved these and wore them for several days.. I really love neon still and am gutted that summer is coming to an end and all the autumn colours are coming in.

My pointer and pinky have two black Born Pretty studs each. What do you think?

Rachael xxx


  1. Wow. I absolutely loved your Mani (:

  2. These are great! You should enter them to my nail art contest ;)

  3. It looks gorgeous! I am gutted too about summer colors being left in the drawers :'(


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