Friday, 11 January 2013

Valentines Giveaway at The Nail Junkie!

You knew it was coming! I'm a massive fan of The Nail Junkie polishes, so you'll always see a post from me when they come round :)

The giveaway can be found on Aleta's website.

There are 3 polishes to be won - all three are new Valentine's Day themed polishes - Cupcake, Bouquet and Love Letter.

(Source: The Nail Junkie)

Now my favourite.. thats a hard one! Definitely stuck between the two - Cupcake, because of its unusual round glitters and , or Bouquet - this has a matte, textured finish which looks similar to the OPI Liquid Sands. Excited to try it!

(Source: The Nail Junkie)

As you can see above, Cupcake has beautiful pale pink, magenta and red rounded glitters, with microfine silvery glitter that is reminiscent of fairy dust. Bouquet has a matted finish, with its small blue glitters providing a lovely textured finish. Love Letter has a sprinkling of pink, red and white squares to represent the paper the Love Letter is written on, with the bar and small black glitters representing the ink the Love Letter is written in - so creative and unusual! :)

Aleta's Etsy shop will be opening this weekend - so keep an eye out as she has said there will only be limited stock!

Save me a Cupcake please!


  1. I can't make my mind up whether I like bouquet or not, but I do like the matte/rough texture of it. I might have to purchase one :-)

    1. I wasn't sure on any of the textured polishes that are emerging, but the more I see them the more I like them. I really like the subtle colour combo of Bouquet - some of the OPI Liquid Sands look really bleurgh. I like the blues, but the other ones - the red and the black/pink I think are absolute fails x

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  3. I've cracked already and ordered Bouquet, Cupcake and two others :)


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