Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rachos Nail Love: Pokeballs (Pokemon Nail Art Challenge)

So i found this AMAZING Pokemon Nail Art Challenge by The Blahg and Adventures of The Nail Friends. Time to multi-embrace my inner nerd and my inner polish lover! Excited! Already got my nails planned in my head for each week! Doubt they'll look the same in real life hahaha! If you fancy getting involved, check out the Facebook group.

Hello new members, and welcome! Add yourself to the Member Links Doc and grab the inlinkz code to add to your posts! It's pinned to the top for easy access. And here is our image, made by @[132501126:2048:Nichole Mowery] of Adventures of the Nail Friends (that I can't tag for some reason)

First quick challenge was Pokéball nails! Mine are a bit messy, but they look okay from far away!

You can see on here that when I topcoated, the black smudged :( sad times!

Check out all the other people involved there are some fab nails already and some people are starting to post their grass nails for Week 1 :)

Pokemon Nail Challenge roll call: PokeballsBlogger 1.0


  1. My black smudged when I topcoated too! It was sad, but I don't notice anything on yours so don't worry about it =D Great job!

  2. Omg this sounds so cool!! I would totally try it out except my freehand really sucks :/

    1. The pokeballs were much easier than i thought, i followed how Sharra did hers (above) - you should have a go! :) xxx

    2. Oh wow okay! I went to take a look! It actually looks rather do-able. Maybe I'll try it out sometime when I have more time :) Thanks!!


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