Saturday, 12 January 2013

I love my fiancé!

My fiancé has been away in Boston for the past week - felt like i'd lost half of myself - was so excited for him coming home today!

He's currently sleeping off his jetlag on the sofa so I thought I would show you the wonderful present he bought me!

Couldn't believe it! Over the moon :) Sephora by Opi - Tinsel Town.

Top row - I'm Wired, Already Famous, A True Romantic, What Aura Gonna Wear?, And a Cherry on Top, S-Age Is Just A Number, I Think I Cayenne, Read My Palm.

Bottom Row - Justa' Pinch Of Glitter, Just A Little Dangerous, I Don't Bite, Thyme For A Mani, Meet Me At The Disco, Leotard Optional, Merry Me, Break a Leg Warmer.

Can't wait to swatch them all!


  1. Omg wow!! Looks exciting! Can't wait to see the swatches too :)

    1. Got some coming just for you! I've spent waaaaaay too much time doing my nails today!

  2. Lucky girl! I love my boyfriend but he would never set foot in Sephora!


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