Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Nail Mail from The Nail Junkie!

Nail Mail!

Been waiting patiently for this - one of my only buys from last month.You all know that I LOVE Nail Junkie polishes.. and these are no exception.First of all, I will show you one reason I love Aleta and her business so much - its so personal!(You will notice some of these are taken in a car.. I was so excited to open them I had to photo them in the car before opening them as I couldn't wait until I got home!)

Cute little envelope addressed to me and sealed with a cute little heart sticker for Valentines.

And a lovely note wishing me a happy Valentines in advance :)

The four polishes I treated myself to are Violet, Watermelon which are lemmings I've had for a while, and Bouquet and Cupcake from Aleta's new polish line. As you can see, they came with a cute little set of nail polish pads and a cutie balm (and I haven't lost this one!! :D )

So I decided to go for Violet first - I think this is a gorgeous polish and really has a 'Spring' feel to it. All my photos are two coats, no top coat. It has what I would say is a semi-matte finish, its frosty look means that it still has quite a shine to it (you can see this more in the photo below).

Application was really easy - all Nail Junkie polishes are thinner than most indie brands I buy from - but this works well - very quick drying time, no lumps, bumps or streaks, and opaque at two coats. Gorgeous!

Aaaaand.. just because I couldn't possibly NOT try it on after waiting so long for it...

Yes, my new circle glitter polish - Cupcake. I am in love! It has a beautiful sprinkling of microfine silver glitter, and a smattering (word?) of circle glitters in pale pink, magenta and red. I know I'll see it lots over black, pink or white for the next few weeks, so I thought I'd put it over violet and I really love it! Can't wait to see what other colour combos I can put it with :)
Application for this was just as good - its not jam packed with glitter so no dabbing required at all to spread the glitters. Really quick dry time, all the glitters laid flat - I did end up putting one coat of top coat over just for protection.

And if you love The Nail Junkie polishes as much as I do - check them out in Aleta's Etsy shop, and check out her website for beautiful swatches, nail art and more! Don't forget, all polishes have a $1 donation to charity, free gifts with every purchase, free domestic shipping and only $6 shipping for us international lot <3 thanks Aleta!

Stay tuned this week for some more Cupcake swatches and also for reviews of Watermelon and Bouquet :)



  1. Ooooh this is gorgeous! And the glitter is super pretty too! I can't wait to see it layered over different colours too, like maybe a black? :)

  2. I love this post! I sort of crossed it by accident but I'm glad I did! I would love if you could share this on my FB so I can link you! :) Thanks for sharing Racheal!


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