Monday, 14 January 2013

Sephora by OPI - Tinsel Town Swatches - Part 1

So I decided to swatch a few of the polishes that the OH brought me back from the US. There was so much choice - it was hard to figure out what to try first!

I decided to try the ones from the bottom row first.

Here I have Just A Little Dangerous on my index and middle finger (2 coats) and same on my ring finger, with one coat of Justa' Pinch of Glitter. There is 2 coats of this alone on my little finger. This has photo'd almost black - but is a rich grape purple in real life. Don't know whats going on with my camera atm but I'm struggling with some of these colours to give you a real representation! Justa' Pinch of Glitter is a dark metallic silver glitter, with microfine and slightly larger glitter in the mix. No dabbing necessary, went on like a regular polish - definitely for use as a topper - shame as I had hoped it would layer well but I'm not fussed on the end result - nowhere near as sparkly as the indies I have.

Here I have 2 coats of Leotard Optional on all fingers, with 2 coats of Merry Me over the top of my ring finger. This was an unusual combination for me, but it really grew on me. I love it! Application for both was fine - drying time was excellent - only 2-3 minutes per coat. I have no topcoat on here, and I am impressed with how shiny the finish is.

And finally here I have Read My Palm. This is a gorgeous darker mint green and I have kept this on as my work mani. 2 coats, lovely application and shine once dry. Like all the ones so far, dry time was good.

I have embellished these slightly with some 2mm square studs from Born Pretty Store on my ring fingers. Think it adds a little something extra and was really simple to add them on, but I think it looks good now its finished :)

Do you have / like any of these? I definitely think my favourites so far are either Just A Little Dangerous (unusual as I am not a purple fan) or Read My Palm.


  1. Omg Read My Palm is gorgeous!!! I love it. Will definitely go and check it out :)

    1. Its defo my go to polish! Think i might need to somehow invest in a large bottle of it!


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