Wednesday, 9 January 2013

China Glaze - Awakening - Wear Test


Sorry for the lack of posts, back to school is always a busy time and this week so far has been no exception! So I thought seen as I picked up this beautiful and very "work-ish" colour, that I would wear test it.

(Trying to catch the two-tone gold shimmer!)

I don't know if any of you are the same, but although I love painting my nails, I do like colours to last through hard wear and tear. I don't have time for gloves for washing, finding scissors etc to open things. So this wear test is hardcore haha!

So I have worn China Glaze - Awakening for 5 days. I think that's an acceptable amount of time for any mani, as a lot can happen in 5 days! It also means it should last you through the average working week - Monday to Friday.

I applied it on Saturday. It is a beautiful silk pinky-orange-brown colour, with highlights of gold. Covers with one coat to a lighter pinky colour, but looked much richer and vibrant at 2 coats. The brush was nice, as I find all China Glaze are - they should be for the price, dry time was average - around 3-4 minutes per coat to be completely dry. I didn't even apply a top coat to these, so I was very pleased with their shiny finish and their lasting power. I should've tested both with and without to see if it prolonged the colour further.

I didn't take photos for each day, which I wish I had now - but I have before and after photos. The colour was difficult to capture because it's so shiny, but the wear you can see clearly.

Day 1: Applied early morning (Saturday). Polish applied really well, average dry time - whole mani done in around 10 minutes including clean up.

2 coats, no topcoat.
Look how shiny it is!
You can see the gold-ish streaks in the bottle here.

Day 2: So far, very little wear. No visible wear to right hand, however there is minor tip wear to dominant (left) hand. Washed dishes, cleaned windows and opened a few packages that arrived through the post (naughty / lazy me for not getting scissors!)

Day 3: More visible tip wear on left hand, small amount on thumb and index finger of right hand. No visible chips, discolouration or fading - still has a shine to nails. (Two people commented on liking them this day - chuffed!) Today I spent hours hefting books and folders, marking, lifting and carrying as well as cleaning the bathrooms when I got home and washing up again.

Day 4 - Nails (to me) noticeably less shiny - more of a satin to matte finish to them. No more or less tip wear than the previous day.

Day 5 - First chip - surprisingly to none dominant hand. Only a small chip and not at the tip of nail. Tip wear most noticeable at close glance, but still acceptable appearing from arms length.

Overall, I am very impressed with this polish! It has gone in my definite prolonged mani pile (aka 'Work' pile) although I do have some ideas to embellish this mani further at some point!

Hope everyone is doing well so far in 2013 - happy hump day!

End wear to hand, 5 days no topcoat.
(Small chip to index finger)
Visible wear to thumb
End wear to hand after 5 day wear, no topcoat.

How nails appear from arms length.


  1. China Glaze is most definitely my fave brand of nailpolish.I've had peachy keen last on my nails for an entire week! fun size beauty


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