Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nail Dilemma!

I am in a dilemma! After 2 months free of nail breakage, my right index finger gave up the fight today. It snapped a corner off diagonally, so I have to file it right down because of the angle it snapped at.

The issue is.. I have 9 other beautiful long nails. Do I file them all down to keep them even, or do I keep them longer and just have one 'wonky'?

Wanting to do some nail art this weekend and concerned I will not have enough nail space.. but the little voice in my head is saying no to wonky nails!


  1. I say file it down! Better to have mini nail art on similar length nails than wonky nails :) Haha, do simpler nail art this weekend :)

  2. I filed them! I was surprised at how long they actually are still :)


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