Sunday, 28 April 2013

UK Polish Subscription Boxes

Yes, you read right!

I am more than slightly behind with this news, as people started posting about this back in February, but the boxes are due for release in the coming months, so I thought just incase you were as behind as me, that I would let you know!

So Susan Cosmetics are dragging the UK in line with the US, with their release of the 'Lacquer Love' subscription box.

So Susan will offer 2 box themes every month - e.g "Gorgeously Glam" - big, bold colours and "Curated Chic" - more low-key, every day shades. Each box will contain 5 items - of which at least 3 will be nail polishes. Their polishes are 4-Free.

Before you enrol, you will be able to choose which box suits you the most. This is really flexible - you can switch between boxes as they will showcase these on Instagram and other social media around a week or so before the release, so you have time to change your mind if you want. You can also choose to gift your box to a friend or cancel if you want to as well.

There is currently a waiting list - the first 2000 names who sign up will receieve their first taster box for just £1! Every box after this will be £10 plus £2.95 p&p.

Here is the link for signing up - So Susan Cosmetics.

So excited about this - I love seeing what people get from their subscriptions such as Square Hue and Julep in the US - it really is time for us to have something similar!

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  1. Hooruh, about time we had something like this in the UK! I'll be signing up!


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