Friday, 12 April 2013

Different Shades of Blue - Autism Awareness Challenge - Day 3 Ombre or Gradient

Hi all! 

I just thought I would let you know that I suck at both of these. I have quite a nice collection of blues, but I can never put them together to make ombre nails.. and my gradient skills are terrible. So i thought I would try a dotted gradient as I saw them on one of the blogs I read recently and I thought they looked pretty good :) 

So here's my attempt! Not quite sure its as gradiented as it should be, but hopefully next time they'll be better! :) 

Don't forget to check out everyone elses nails today! :) 

Cordia from Seriously Swatched
Jessica from Nail Polish Anonymous
Kelly from Peace Love Lacquer
Laura from Little Laura Loves
Nicole from Dipped in Lacquer
Paulina from Paulina’s Passions
Rachael from Rachos Nail Love
Roxana from Beautylicious


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