Saturday, 6 April 2013

ER31DC - Week 6 - Violet Nails

These ended up being a little bit of a cop out - I wanted to do some stamping (after seeing the lush nails at Never Mind Suzi) so I did.. but I failed massively at full nails so ended up with some smaller ones.

They're not my style, but its a learning curve - I will eventually manage some full nail stamping!

The colour I used was one of my new Essence Colour and Go shades - a lovely purple called Oh My Glitter. It has a beautiful pinky red shimmer in it and only took one coat! I think a second may have improved it though as you can see it shrank away from my tips quite a bit when it was completely dried.

The stamping plate I used was one of the Cheeky ones - either CH3 or CH4 I think, can't remember (would check but I'm not at home!)

Check out everyone else's much better manis!

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