Saturday, 20 April 2013

Invogue Feather Effect Polishes - Swatch and Review Part 1

On the nail polish grape vine, these polishes have recently appeared as the thrifty polish buyers alternative to the Nails Inc Feathers collection.

There are four polishes in the collection - Sunset, Parakeet, On the Money and Jaye Bird. They're available from Superdrug online and apparently in some stores although I didnt find them anywhere near me. They're also a bargain price - only £3.49, when compared to the Nails Inc versions which are £11!

Each polish is made up of very fine bar glitter. I thought this might be an issue as I really dislike bar glitter (they never stay flat, they just look messy at all different directions) , but they are so very small in these polishes and very dense, that they look less like bars, they look.. i dont know.. less like bars anyway! :)

I thought I would split this into two posts - well, really I just wanted to keep one of these beauties on for more than 10 minutes! ;)

The first two I have for you are Sunset and Parakeet. I decided to choose the one that jumped out at me most, and the one that did the least. I was surprised that I love the latter more on my nails!

So - here's the first one. This is Sunset - a beautiful mix of orange and white fine hexes. I have used two coats and one coat of top coat. This still left the polish with a slightly rough texture, so I think it could do with another to even out. The bars are very dense and spread well - no dabbing required. Brush is average size, no issues and formula is easily workable.

I love the colours, but I don't think it does much for my skin tone. This ones in artificial light by the way!

The second is Parakeet. I was really unsure of this in the bottle - it looks quite.. grungy.

Again, I used two coats and one of top coat. It could do with another. I was pleasantly surprised at this. We've had a glorious day and i've spent a lot of it staring at my beautiful summery nails. <3

What do you think of Feather effect polishes? Yey or Ney? Do you own any?

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