Monday, 8 April 2013

Disney Nail Art Challenge - Day 2 - Jungle Book

Yay! Day 2 already!

Here is my attempt - I haven't watched this for years, but I remembered certain characters straight away :)

If you don't recognise him, on my index finger is Hathi Junior - 

(image source:

Polishes used:

Base - Nails Inc - Chester Street
Vines - Nicole by OPI - Fell from the Tree
Hathi Jr - Essie - Very Structured, Sephora by OPI - Thyme for a Mani, Essie - Off the Shoulder. All mixed to varying degrees with each other for each part of his face. Zoya Raven and Purity for outlines.

What do you think? :)

Don't forget to check out everyone else's amazing nails!


  1. Such a happy elephant! Very nice!

    1. thank you, i think his eyes are a bit intense but otherwise i was quietly pleased with him!

  2. I just love this elephant, it is perfect! This nail art is really awesome, well done!!

    1. thanks! :) looking forward to hopefully seeing some more posts from you soon xx

  3. awwwww the elephant is so cute! well done xxxx


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