Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pokémon Challenge - Week 5 Flying - Butterfree

It had to be done after Caterpie last week! Butterfree!

I am a little unhappy with these nails - I might redo them and post some new photos. I have been painting and swatching all night to get ahead with my other challenge, so I could keep these on for a few days.I think with me now being quite tired, theyre not as good as they could be! I don't have a list of colours for these as I had to mix a few to get closer to the right shades - especially for Butterfree's body.

Anyway - these nails are an ode to by far the saddest (but also happiest) episode of Pokémon that I have ever watched!After Ash's Metapod evolves into Butterfree, he has many amazing adventures, including a near trade for a Raticate. But Ash loves his Butterfree so much that he asks to trade back.

On his travels not very long after, Ash sees lots of people in balloons releasing their Butterfree over the sea. Ash finds out that Pokémon trainers around the world have travelled to release their Butterfree to find a mate and go scatter their eggs across the sea. Ash releases his Butterfree and sends him into the crowd to find a mate, but Butterfree returns disappointed that he can't find anyone to be his mate. Then another lady releases her Butterfree, who instantly catches Ash's Butterfree's attention, as she is pink.

Ash's Butterfree tries to woo her but she's having none of it.. so he flies off upset into the forest while Ash runs off to find him.

When Ash finds him, he gives him a little yellow neck scarf to set him apart from all the other Butterfree and tells Butterfree that Pink Butterfree will realise how special he is. During this time however, Team Rocket have hatched a plan to catch all the other Butterfree. When Ash and co return, they've all been captured inside a metal net. Butterfree is determined to free all the other Butterfree and save his love, and so he bashes the net over and over until he is so tired, he can only manage one more attack. He tackles the net one more time and manages to break the net and free all his friends.

Pink Butterfree has watched his heroics and has fallen in love with him, and agrees to travel over the ocean to lay their eggs together.

The sad bit is at the end when Ash has to say goodbye to his Butterfree and he cries as he watches them fly away. I cry every time! It always makes me think that if Pokémon were real, I'd never be able to release one and say goodbye - I cry when I have to leave Milo (my son aka cat) for holidays!

Anyway - here's my nails!

Check out everyone else's amazing flying nails!


  1. I AM SOBBING. Your nails look soooooooooooooo good, don't kill them anytime soon! I hope you got TONS of attention because you deserve it, girl!!

  2. These are so pretty! Your freehand is amazing! Jealous!!

    1. thank you! I really enjoy the Pokémon challenge for freehanding - its less precision based I think. Ask me to draw straight lines or dainty anything and I sink like a stone.. rubbish! :)


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