Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Flip / Flop February Challenge - Day 19 - Wings / Outline

So I cheated a little bit here.. well, it depends on what you see as cheating - I see it as 'recycling' one of my earlier FAIL's haha! :)

So on Day 1, I produced a TERRIBLE blue and white gradient (above). So rather than wasting it, I decided to modify it to use for today. I'm going to try for Butterfly Wings - there are loads of examples about, but I followed the easy tutorial from Distinkt Nails and changed the outline slightly. I probably should've stuck to the tutorial as I see now that it was hard to clean up the black edges around my cuticles and the end result is a little messy but quite good for my first attempt if I do say so myself :)

I have stuck my hand in my OH's face for about 10 minutes asking him what they are.. he didn't get it, but he's an idiot.. (love him really!) but I asked the cat and he knew.. LOL. :D

Only nail I wasn't happy with is my middle one - I have only noticed it now I've done all the photos and how sloppy it is!

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