Saturday, 2 February 2013

Pokémon Challenge - Week 3 - Water

I am a massive fan of the animé - watched it all through my childhood - so the majority of my nails will have a storyline attached. Today I went for Squirtle nails - I did these at Becca's house as we've had a nail painting afternoon - so you will see her awesome water attempt today too :)

So, Ash meets his Squirtle when he encounters the Squirtle Squad - a group of pokemon abandoned by their owners. They steal food, graffiti and generally cause havoc around the town.

Ash ends up showing the leader Squirtle how strong his pokémon are and that he cares and would never abandon a pokemon and that pokémon and their trainers want to do GOOD things.. And so Squirtle and his gang become fire fighters and save the town.

When Ash leaves the village, the squirtle leader decides he wants to go with him, so removes his glasses and runs to jump into Ash's arms <3 

So here are my nails - the full Squirtle Squad <3 they are a bit messier than I would like but I am pleased with the overall result!

Check out everyone else's water nails - they're all amazing! :)


  1. I love your posts so much because they remind me
    of the episodes I saw when I was little!
    your nails look great!
    Super cute!

  2. I was just about to leave Bee's exact comment! Your nails and posts are SO AWESOME =D

  3. Thanks! I really really love this challenge because pokémon is one of my lifelong loves!

  4. This is AWESOME!!!! O_O I just love the glasses


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