Friday, 8 February 2013

Flip / Flop February Challenge - Day 8 - Colour Blocking / Black & White

This is probably one of my most disappointing days so far - I am a failure with tape, but I thought I would try it again to try and get myself some nice clean lines to work with.On the up side, although my mani is more than a work in progress, I did learn that pulling the tape off quickly produces a clearer line. The downside is that the tape I used is poor quality and left green colour on my base, so i had to paint over - hence it not looking so great!I also mustve picked up some stray glitter in my Seche Vite as one of my nails has got glitter in too! Ignore that haha! :/Colours used - All Barry M, Blueberry, Berry and Peach Melba.

Check out everyone else's manis for today!


  1. Just make sure you pull the tape off while the polish is still wet! Don't let it get tacky. What kind of tape were you using? I use regular clear scotch tape and it works pretty well for me!

    I think this looks really good though! I don't see the imperfections you're talking about :)

  2. This looks good! I still haven't attempted a tape manicure despite being into nail polish for more than a year LOL.


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