Sunday, 4 November 2012

Why do we love indies?

Well, I can tell you that! Personalised customer service - thats what!

I'll not lie - I've not had a fantastic experience with all indie sellers - I'll not name names, but i contacted a popular indie brand via Facebook last week to ask if they would send to the UK. Now I know a good few sellers don't, but it wasn't clear on their page whether they did or didn't. I explained that there were a few (ahem.. 9) polishes I'd like - all full size, full price and would like to know if they would consider sending to UK for me. I would've been disappointed if they said no, but i was more annoyed that they've completely ignored my message and have still been posting regularly with updates.

So my faith in indies had diminished a little bit until this weekend. I've been umming and ahhing over Utopia's Polishes for a week or so now. Then this weekend she announces a 40% off sale - i couldn't get on straight Etsy as i was out and about and the iPhone app is a bit hit and miss, so i waited until i got home and almost cried to see that almost every polish had sold out! So another girl had commented on Facebook to say she'd missed Ice Princess, so i said underneath that i had missed Jokers, but i would wait hopefully until it was restocked. Imagine my amazement that i log on later and she's restocked those colours just for us! So i was a bit cheeky and stuck an Ice Princess in my bag as well - what can I say - it just flew into my cart!

So, faith totally restored - what a lovely lady! Totally excited to try these two little beauties out :)

(Image Source: Sassy Shelly)

Here is a beautiful swatch of Jokers - so excited to try it. I originally saw it on a giveaway on Sassy and fell in love with the lilac element there. I think it looks beautiful over both shades of blue - excited to test it out on myself - I have a slightly darker skin tone and different nail shape so looking forward to seeing how it turns out :)

(Image Source: Sassy Shelly)

This was my impulse buy - as it had also been restocked, it just flew into my basket! Again, I love how it looks over both undie colours.. but I can definitely foresee a winter mani in the pale blue!

You can find Utopia's Polish on Facebook and also her shop on Etsy.

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