Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Glitzology Beauty Part 1

I am so excited - my package from Glitzology Beauty arrived today!

Stacy had a sale on when i first visited, so I went all out. The shades i bought were:

- Diet Cokehead
- Cotton Candy
- Snow Day
- Bun in the Oven
- Guardian Angel
- Teal-icious
- Pixie Dust
- Skeleton Key
- Diamonds and Pearls

The last two were intended for Xmas presents.. But they are so beautiful that I am thinking about possibly making the present one polish short - but I am having a hard time picking!

Anyway, i have so many polishes to try out that i decided to split this into a few posts. The two polishes I have pictures of today are Snow Day and Diet Cokehead.

Snow Day is the first polish that instantly grabbed me when i looked at what was on offer - being in the UK, anything ordered takes awhile to get here and this was way before anyone else's xmas collections came out.


It has a sheer, shimmery white base filled with holo glitter, small matte white squares, large matte white hexes and matte white bars. Above is two coats, no top coat or undies. This would look beautiful layered over blues, greens or pastels I think, but with the shimmery base, i really like it by itself!

Application was okay - the consistency was quite thick and a little dabbing was required to spread the glitter evenly but drying time was quick and the end result was quite smooth. Here it is again just with a top coat - it really makes all the difference and I think it looks stunning <3

The second polish is Diet Cokehead. I must apologise for the photos - I ran out of natural light before I could get it on.

Diet Cokehead is a stunning gunmetal grey base with silver glitter, black matte bars and various sized and shaped red glitters.

The consistency of this is much smoother and went on more like a regular polish, however I did dab slightly to even out the glitter. This was two coats. Some of the bar glitters stick out a little but a couple of top coats have sorted that out :)

You can find Stacey's creations in her Etsy shop. She is also on Facebook.

Be sure to check her out -she currently has a 25% off offer on.

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  1. Ooh, snow day would look lush over a nice sky blue, just for a snowy sky effect <3


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