Saturday, 24 November 2012

No buy....

I am officially on a no buy until pay day :(

The lucky thing is, I am expecting some nail mail soon and I also have my Ciate nail polish calendar to enjoy beginning December 1st!

No buys are so painful.. and it's been less than 24 hours! To be fair, most that I have bought have been for presents, so does that count? I suppose only if I end up keeping them for myself rather than giving them away.. which unfortunately is more often than I would care to admit, haha! :/ I think no buys are especially painful on black friday - cyber monday weekend! Torture!

My Utopia's Polish arrived today. I don't have a great deal of colours to go with it, so I will keep them to swatch after pay day. I have my eye on some nice undies ;)

Seen as I am without new colours, I thought I would give my nails a rest - they have been breaking and snapping a lot the last few weeks - I think with my overuse of indie polishes and use of acetone to remove them, that they need a break. Again, no guarantees on how long this will last! Probably around 24 hours.. (already choosing nail colours in my head!) but I think its probably better than nothing :)

Only a week to go until payday.. December will be a tight month with Xmas coming, so I only have 1 thing in my mind to buy for myself.. the rest will be for other people! Can't wait :)

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