Thursday, 8 November 2012

Harmony Gelish - Taupe Model

I have quite a collection of Gelish but due to my indie addiction, ive not worn any for ages! Since my mani finally chipped (and massively, early this morning where i was caught bottleless to repair it!) i decided that as im busy at work this week that i would invest my time in a mani that will last a bir longer.

I got 4 colours through the post yesterday - Up in the Blue, My Favourite Accessory (both blue shades) , Taupe Model (taupe - slightly paler than their espresso polish) and the dark grey from the fall collection ehose name evades me! 3 are xmas presents so I am not allowed to open them just yet :(

I chose Taupe Model because its neutral and doesnt look daft regardless of what I'm wearing. Its a gorgeous creme polish, with an unexpected shimmer - i thought it would have that more rubbery appearance. It looks really nice i have to admit - i think it would look nicer on longer nails though but it cant be helped as i damaged a couple at work and had to file them all down short as they broke really close to the nail bed.

I tried to get the shimmer in, need to get out in some natural light but its dificult when you leave for work on the dark and also leave from work in the dark!!

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