Thursday, 6 December 2012

Another giveaway at The Nail Junkie!

Well, I didn't win the last one.. so here's hoping I'm feeling lucky this month! ;)

Aleta at The Nail Junkie is having another giveaway - this time for her beautiful Xmas line. A lot of places have had their Xmas lines out for ages, and I have to admit I am sick to death of seeing the same clear bases (not a clear base fan!) with masses of multi-coloured glitter in them.. there are only so many combinations before they all look the same!

So if you're like me, read on. If not, each to their own, but you still need to read on. I like that Aleta's lines are quite small - there are only a few combinations each time, but I think thats great because you know they're going to be really nice! I am particularly in love with 2 of the 4 colours, but if I get a bit of Xmas spends in my stocking this year I'll definitely be splashing on the full set (and the others I have in my favourites list!)

So anyway, here are the four polishes:

(Image Source: The Nail Junkie)

From left to right - Poinsettia, Snowflake, Gold Bell and Holly.

Can't remember if I have mentioned before, but I love that the labels have no writing on them. Also, the names are simple and honest - you get what it says on the tin (bottle).

So, my absolute favourite is Poinsettia - here's why.

This is Poinsettia with topcoat (and the others with topcoat):

(Image Source: The Nail Junkie)

Look at that shine! And look at the sparkle, you can really see the green popping out from the gorgeous almost cherry red colour, it really does make you think of Poinsettia's - the green and red are the exact shades.

But..... here's the same without topcoat:

(Image Source: The Nail Junkie)

It looks just like a strawberry! You can still see the green, but its not quite as poppy - outty as with topcoat. Now I think about it, it also reminds me of red poppies! Absolutely in love with this colour!

(Image Source: The Nail Junkie)

Look how beautiful it is!

Now.. I can't decide which I like more. If you have any polishes by Aleta, or have seen any of her polishes, you will know she has the Café trio (which I have blogged about before, and I also have Tea and Cocoa on route YAY!) and they are a beautiful blend of shimmery brown shades. So my thinking is.. how would Gold Bells look along with the 3.. I would only need one more shade for a perfect Ombre set <3

Here's Gold Bells:

(Image Source: The Nail Junkie)

Here's the Cafe colours:

(Image Source: The Nail Junkie)

I can see it, can you??

Lastly, my other choice colour is Holly - its not like anything else I've seen for Xmas this year. The main brands have their usual reds, blues and greens, and most indies have their glitter bombs and lots and lots of bar glitter (BLEH).

 (Image Source: The Nail Junkie)

So I don't know if this is me, but it looks almost grey in colour. If you look closely though, you can see the green where it catches the light. I think its absolutely stunning. This would be a favourite for me for work - classy, but with some Xmas in it. I love Xmas, it makes me happy just thinking about it - this would be my reminder in January / February and beyond that there'll be another one coming haha! I also have numerous jumpers and Xmas outfits that I am already co-ordinating this colour with!

And last but definitely not least (and still on my list) is Snowflake - this is quite similar to some other Xmas polishes I have seen, but it has a less sheer coverage, and has a beautiful almost creamy look to it. Really stunning, a definite favourite with many people I would guess! I am still sporting my Xmas pudding nail art.. I think it would look stunning in place of my regular white - for some extra added sparkle!

(Image Source: The Nail Junkie)

Hope you love them all as much as I do - if so, you can find these polishes and many others (check out Flamingo, Watermelon and Apple - my personal faves!) in her shop on Etsy.

Enjoy! :) x

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