Sunday, 23 December 2012

Polish Swap :)

So my friend Lydia texted me and said she had some polishes she didnt want anymore, did i want them...... um, hell yes! :D

So she sent me them up last week :) I was so excited! I have just posted some polishes back (they're a surprise!) so keep an eye out on her blog for reviews of them!

These polishes are both favourites of mine so I was so excited to receive them! Both Lydia and I have busy jobs, so a well wearing polish is a must. However, with my current obsession I change nail colour more often than I change my clothes, so wear is not a massive issue for me at the moment!

So the polishes I got were both Voodoo Lacquers. Look at the colours, a beautiful dark raspberry red and a gorgeous shimmery fir tree green. Love love love! The red is Mulberry Spice, and the green is O, Christmas Tree. Both are part of Voodoo Lacquers Winter Collection.

Surprising I know, but i actually chose the red for today. Its almost Xmas after all, and I have actually found a red for me. I am not a red lady at all - the colour just doesn't do it for my skin tone at all. Vampy reds look awful, bright reds look garish. This is just lovely!

Mulberry Spice is a gorgeous red creme polish with a pinkish shimmer and a sprinkling of micro fine holo glitter. Its quite a thick consistency so at first i was concerned it wouldnt smooth out, but 2 coats and it was fine - dry time was quite long however - still tacky at 10mins, which was probably because of the consistency. I have a coat Rimmel Top Coat on here but it was still shiny and smooth without.

I'll have O Christmas Tree up in the next few days for you :)

If you love this polish as much as I do, you can find Voodoo Lacquer on Facebook and on Etsy.

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