Friday, 27 December 2013

What's on my nails? #2

Hey all!

Well Xmas is over for another year, but I'm still enjoying the sparkly nails. I have another two prototypes to show you from R&R Lacquers.

#3 - this is what I am currently sporting. It's a lovely understated glittery-ness. One coat over black.

#4 - a bit more rainbow and sparkly! Again, one coat over black.

Go give the brand some love:

They'll be launching properly sometime in January - keep an eye out as I have some more swatches etc to come! I will be swatching these over other colours as well.

What do you think? 

And if you haven't seen - check out the other two I have swatched here

Rachael xxx


  1. I just liked the FB and the Instagram, think I may have gone to town inviting my fellow BNB's to like the FB page!

  2. Pretty............. these look promising :)

  3. This is awesome! I love the colors.


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